With the guys that Edmonton has added to their secondary they surely will have to cut a few guys. Guys like Malcolm Frank, Donny Brady and Kelly Whitshire are guys that are hanging on to their careers and I don't think they would attact a lot of attention. However there are guys like Reggie Durden, Keyuo Craver and Jonte Buhl who might be able to fit into our secondary. I think we're solid at DB anyways so I wasn't high on any of the guys that were FA, beside I think they all got overpaid.

The only one of that group that I’d take a look at would be Durden. He was a great shutdown HB in Montreal, but the Eskimos for some silly reason played him on the corner and he can’t handle that position. Use him properly and there may still be some mileage in that tank.

I agree, he'd be a nice replacement for Goss

i agree 2 i think we need some more talent in the DB spot plus some WR!!!!!!

I think people are pushing the panic button way too soon.

Something tells me that if Edmonton starts casting off excess DBs, they will not be getting rid of the best and youngest ones. Quite the opposite in fact.

the only edmontont release that might get a look somewhere is Durden. the others are all at retirement if they dont play this year.
oh yeah, and depending on the CFL/AFL deal, Craver may be up here and get cut