DB Leonard #4

I have to center of his extremely poor coverage and poor tackling. Ottawa game planned to attack him and it worked he had 9 tackles because they continued to throw is way for completions. This is not the first time teams have picked on him and he has more bad games than good ones. I think they should consider audition josh johnson or freddie williams in Leonards spot while they have a few games before the playoffs

Shouldn’t have changed is number.

He was outstanding at CB last year, so they switched him to HB towards the end of the season and he’s been invisible ever since.

I imagine that Breaux will try the NFL again next season. Maybe we should plan to move Leonard back to corner as he is not a good halfback.

Completely overrated stiff who had a couple good games and then c’ya later.

Thought the same thing actually… weird eh

His replacement on the Corner--#25, Rolle--didn't exactly cover himself in glory last night, either.

Yes, Rolle had at least one poor play getting the pass interference in the end zone but he has had minimal mistakes all year and alot of good knock downs and good tackles preventing yack yards.

DBs would be a lot better if we could get more pressure from our front 4.
Team needs a rush end that can apply pressure. That position has been a complete wasteland all season for the team. Ted does his thing in the middle. The rest of the line has been way below average.
11 sacks from the DLine other than Teddy in 16 games. Horrible.
I agree with others that Leonard is not playing like he was pre-injury where he was our top player in the secondary.
I am sure that some regulars will get a rest the last 2 weeks, some young guys will get a chance to play. Maybe Courtney Steven will get some reps at saftey and show off additional athleticism to our current starter, some carries for Timmis might show that he is capable to being a #1 CFL RB.
Now might be the time to try out some players on a extended look.

If only we could find guys like that DB that CAL picked up this year. I think his name is E Davis.

(That one’s for you, Dork - now go ahead and mock me)

Maybe we should put in that Khalid Wooten kid . Nice pic of him in today's Spec . I think he could be a keeper . ::slight_smile:

Absolutely. Howsare and Capicciotti aren’t scaring any opposing QBs or linemen.

Would that we had hung on to Charleston Hughes

There is a saying at sea. If you change the name of a ship, you change the luck of that ship.

Leonard owns up to a subpar outing, talks about how to improve.

Ticats field side secondary needs to buck up against Redblacks

“Our eyes were in the backfield way too much, ? says field-side halfback Richard Leonard, who immediately volunteered that he didn’t play well.

“I feel like we could cover the guys but we just had bad eyes. If we had good eyes we could shut them out.

“When you have bad eyes, you’re basically just looking at the quarterback and not looking at your man. I had that a lot in that game. I feel like we have to execute a little better on the field side and I take that on me, I just have to play better than I did last game.?

Hard to choose the worse scenario.
A defense that doesnt recognize a scheme and cant adjust
Or a defense that knows perfectly well what’s coming and still can’t stop it.

Or a D coordinator who, with the help of video and assistants upstairs, can’t figure it out and help the players change things.