DB Kevin Barnes Released

He never played a down. Wonder what happened. I was looking forward to seeing what he had.

8) Also released today were NI DE Aaron Crawford, and Imp. OL, Jessie Green.

Started Sept. 21 vs . MTL. Torched early but levelled off as game went on, iirc. Very ordinary for a player of his pedigree.

72+/- players on payroll. That's what happened.

Never played a down? You obviously don't know what you're saying. He played almost an entire game.

How can someone believe something in their head if it's completely wrong? Do you just invent your own reality?

Crawford suited up for a few games....but Nadon coming back off I.L. sealed his fate,as for this Jessie Green guy??? never heard of him or was aware he was even around,apparently he was signed only 3 days ago on Oct.10th...easy come,easy go.....Also signed the same day was L.B. Ray Shipman who has been added to the 46 man active roster for today's game.
As for Barnes he suited up against the Al's for his 1 and only game this season.

Game's tomorrow

OOPS!!! Thanx Teddy.....fixed it :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn't see that game. People do make mistakes. You obviously need anger management classes dude.

now now children cant we all just get a longneck and get ready to watch the cats kick some argo a@@ on this sunny thanksgiving monday


Save yr ego for the real enemy

Combat starts at1600hrs

Any other silly put downs among friends is akin to friendly fire and is not tolerated :cowboy:

Actually I think Barnes did play one game a few weeks ago when there were a whack of injuries on the D (Breaux, Webb, etc) I think McCullough was the only experienced player in the backfield that game but can't remember just who they were playing - maybe Montreal in Moncton?