DB has a responsibility to get out of the way of the receiver?

When was this dumb rule introduced? If a player, whether they are on offense or defense, has set their feet at a position then they should have a right to that position. Especially when the receiver runs headlong into them, with their eyes on the defender (not even looking for the ball) and shoves them down.

Fix this Ambrosie!

I heard that yesterday
I had the same reaction

Is it the rule or Johnson's interpretation of the rule?

Yes I thought that was a ridiculous call for Pi, if that's the case the receiver just has to run into the defender every time and it should be Pi. So if that's the rule then there is no such thing as offensive Pi.

If the defender is stationary, then it's like basketball and offensive interference but that doesn't happen often in football. Or maybe some movement by the dback but there can be absolutely no hands/arms contact with the receiver. I don't know really. Most receivers don't really want to run into a defensive guy if they are trying to get open though so if would have to be a pic play or just a stupid thing to do for a receiver. :-\

Horrible call!! A DB can't lay a glove on a receiver past 5 yards from the line of scrimmage yet a receiver can blatantly run in to and knock down a DB 10-15 yards down field. That was a laughable call, and if, for some bizarre reason there is a rule that states that is ok then it needs to be changed pronto.

Really..? Defensive back made no motion what so ever to peddle back some what with the receiver who was running a down and out pattern. Wow, the DB manikin stand there alone play will get ya flagged.

So what your saying just to be clear is that a DB must peddle backwards ensuring he gets out of the way of the man he is covering? lol, sorry. If a DB wants to stand flat footed and perfectly still he should be able to that without getting knocked off his feet.
Besides any DB who plants himself like a pylon is a terrible DB to begin with.

Fix that up randy.

Just a motion to do so and the play goes ahead with no problem. DB with that technicality as Duron Carter swifts by the DB who stands around, looking around. On to the next game to find out what happens there at THF and then BC Place.

Very well said. Thanks

Yes, I shook my head on that one.

I though if a receiver ran into a DB, they called it PI on the O.

Not this year. >:(