DB constantly getting beat

Has anybody noticed or just me ~ DB #20 Dwight Anderson has been beet for long ones and TDs in EVERY EVERY EVERY game.

Why don't they trade him?
Last game I made a similar commenent and I was told that "all new DBs need time to gel"

Don't you think that eight games is long enough to "gel"?
Other teams would have let him go by now.


I've seen him get beat a number of times as well but in his defense the coaches have been changing the secondary up every single game. Some players are even learning new positions which means there will be a lot of mistakes. I think the question we have to ask is why have we not settled on a line-up half way through the season? Did we just not bring in good enough talent in training camp?

Yeah, that secondary has been a revolving door. They have not had the same lineup from game to game at all this season. I really think the coaches should just settle on five guys for the rest of the season and concentrate on making sure those five guys understand the cover schemes so you don't get busted coverages leading to TDs against like the Thurmon touchdown yesterday.

If you are testing one new CB in an established secondary, the trapdoor is bound to be engaged way sooner.

If you have a secondary constantly in flux, it's harder to pinpoint blame because coverage breakdowns can be systemic and not isolated on one guy. Keep in mind we've had FIVE safeties already this year. That is a huge continuity problem, although that position has to be fixed and I think Cody will be an ideal fit given more time. An established safety is gold for deep zone defence.

Oski Wee Wee,

New corners tend to get burned early in this league.

Anderson looks like he may be a keeper. I'd hate to give up on him just yet.

Football is a team game and no more so than with the DB's. Continuity, I would argue, is more crucial here than with any other unit. One miscommunication and it's 6 the other way.
We have not started the same DB's in any game. This is a coaching decision. One breakdown in the defensive backfield and someone loses their job. Either our scouts should be fired for bringing in bad DB after bad DB or the coaches need to step back and look at themselves.
We have endless patience in some areas....QB....and zero in other areas.
We have not lost 7 games because of defense.

the people who say anderson should get cut are just stupid. first the guy is a rookie which means hes going to get better. second they have changed at least 2 players in the secondary every game so far. and lastly look how long they are out there for, our offence went the longest time without getting a first down.

our dbs are awful, revolving door of players.this will get worse too now nfl cuts are here,we need to get a good group to gel here, this part of the team is a big weak link and we have alot of weak links lol.

The last 3 TD passes we've given up have all been to wide-open receivers on blown coverages. Stop moving the DBs around and maybe they'll know where they're supposed to be!

who? i want to know who the bad ones are?

Can someone let me know what happened to Jojuan Armour? I didn't see him on the line-up and only on special teams. I thought He was a force out there but not sure what happend.