DB Cassius Vaughn

First off, stellar name. But really nobody pick up on this signing...guess I didn't until now so you're off the hook, but looks like this guy is a baller. Played with Kent at Ole Miss back when he was OC there then went on to have a decent 6 year NFL career racking up 143 tackles 7 INTs and 2 TDs. Welcome to Tigertown.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIBQr8vRbe8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbo9UajpIqA .....sorry for terrible quality.

No other really good clips, but hope he finds a new home here in Hamilton, we could definitely use some help on the back end.

Side note, anyone know when Demond Washington is scheduled to come back? It wasn't season ending if I remember correctly.

There will be DB's coming in with the NFL cuts that is for sure.

Does anyone know when Johnny Sears is expected back? Great when he is healthy.

You should give some thought to getting into TV sportscasting, 2ez. You started this thread showing that you not only know the player's name but also something about him. On the Wednesday evening CH news, Bubba both spoke of and had the name printed across the screen as -- "Cassius Martin." Too much, for one guy to handle, maybe when, on the same day, the TiCats sign Cassius Vaughn and the Allwets release Vaughn Martin. :oops:

I should have included, with my observation above, this tweet from Montreal Gazette football reporter Herb Zurkowsky following the release of NAT DT Vaughn Martin:

CFL News ?@CFL_News 13h13 hours ago
Vaughn Martin doesn’t figure to remain unemployed long and could resurface in Hamilton. - @HerbZurkowsky1 #CFL

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see both Vaughn and the recently signed ex-REDBLACK Sermons both activated and inserted into the line-up as soon as possible to shore up the backend. In fact they both might just show up on the depth chart released tomorrow for this Saturdays game against the Roughsliders.

I, too, would not be surprised to see either, or both, of the new guys in the line-up. And, I love that picture -- a DB, in close coverage, looking at the ball and trying to knock it down. :roll: