DB Breaux tweets Burris "let's build a dynasty" (with Cats)


Good to hear, thanks for posting

Hank and Breaux are 2 guys we need to take the next step forward

I love the attitude here displayed by Breuax. If every player's thinking was like his,

we'd win a Grey Cup. If we start a dynasty, we'd win several Grey cups. :rockin:

Interesting to note Hank used "we" and not "you".

Especially now that we might have god on our side...how awesome is that !!!!

I noticed that as well.

Hank certainly seems to want to come back and build on the progress the team has made this year. :thup:

I'm missing something here. What are you actually saying?

I'm missing something here. What are you actually saying?

It's what Breaux is sayin ...It's all in GOD 'S Hand,Man!!!!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Until you leave or are told to leave the last team you played for is your team.

Heck of a lot better than the tweet we were all discussing last winter (and spring, and summer).

Definitely like the attitude from both of them.

Yes, there is something building in this team and organization moving forward.
I can't describe it but want to be part of it as a fan and hope the team does too.
Let's hope we keep building and not dismantle!

When asked by a reporter (a few days post Grey Cup game) this question, "Was the CFL experience what you expected?"

Breaux answered,

"Honestly, I think it's better than the NFL"
"The CFL is great. I love it actually."

How can anyone not love this guy? :thup: