Db Bradley Robinson- Lets Hope he is in Town Soon!

I have emailed the Lions scouting director about this player and I hope they take it serious and bring him in.

Bradley is not super tall at 5'8 and 185 pounds but all I have to say is look at a 5 second clip and you will see what kind of player you are getting-- He may be small but CAN HIT like a TRAIN and can WIN a jump ball in the air vs a 6'4 receiver- He has NBA leaping ability-

Brad ran a 4.47 40 yard dash in 2008 PRO DAY when he was 23--

He benched 225 pounds 19 times--

He has a 36 inch Vertical LEAP--

Go to Youtube - Type in Bradley Robinson - Click on Bradley Robinson Big hit vs Louisville--

That play he made was AMAZING and nothing short of ATHLETIC BRILLIANCE and I have seen him make even a BETTER play vs BC when he played for Edmonton. He guarded Paris Jackson as a 23 year old rookie and made a 1 handed interception on a deep pass that was the best defensive play I have seen in watching football CFL, NFL, NCAA, UFL, USFL, combined--

This kid is 26 years old and is really an athletic freak with CFL experience-

Imagine this kid at WIDESIDE corner with his closing speed- He would be an ideal fit for the CFl--

Robinson finished tied for 14 interceptions at Middle Tennesse which ties HIM FOR MOST interceptions in a career in the Sun BELT conference--

What do you guys think about this? I can assure you he will be the most athletic defender on our team and a PLAYMAKER-

If anyone else is impressed with Mr. ROBINSON perhaps it would be a good idea to email Lions scouting as if enough people send them information they might actually take a look at him seriously.

I know Robinson was young in Edmonton and injured and when that happens you dont get a FAIR chance to make a team- This kid has talent and if you give him a SHOT i am thinking it will pay dividends as he is obviously too talented to not be in the CFL starting-

After watching the youtube clip of Robinson , I agree. I think he is probably the BEST player I HAVE ever seen! I thought e-mailing the team wouldn’t be ENOUGH , so I TOOK the day off WORK and went to see WALLY personally. He told me THAT he knows about Robinson and MADE him AN offer , but since he is the most exciting PLAYER in the history of THE game , he is holding out , now THAT the NFL is back.

Don't BE an idiot- You forgot hyphens at THE end of your SENTENCES--

How could I be so stupid!?

for a bit there, I really thought you were serious.

Winnipeg standout DB ALEX SUBER was a teammate of Bradley Robinson. Suber is one of the bright young halfbacks in the CFL-

Get this guy in here asap- He can help our team and give us some athletic playmking ability in the secondary.

We could start to look good if we have JR RUFFIN- Tad Kornegay- Bradley Robinson- Reddick when he is healthy- And a new safety from the states or trade for Milt Collins--

It's time for Phillips, Marsh, Sanchez to retire as all 3 are consistently burned every week and cannot tackle anyone.

I give Wally credit, he is making changes and understands the biggest weakness the Lions have is their secondary. If we fix the secondary we probably have a chance to win every week. The offense will eventually come around with the young receivers and if they actually use JAMAL LEE-
Who is more dangerous a 34 year old Jamal Robertson or a SUPER fast JAMAL LEE who ran a 4.38 second 40 yard dash?

Harris and LEE could be a dynamic DUO on offense-

Lets go Wally bring some more bodies in and start cutting the dead weight import veterans who are milking our team-

I surprisingly agree that some people in the secondary need to retire (Davis Sanchez and Ryan Phillips) for weeks I have felt they have been useless. I also completely agree that Andrew Harris and Jamall Lee would be amazing in the backfield but Wally doesn't like to use Canadians unless they are offensive line or defensive line and that really burns my bacon.

However maybe our secondary would be a bit better if we actually generated a pass rush. The pass rushers have been very average this season and anyone can get burned if the quarterback gets all day to throw.

So, is GG delusional or is he actually a Lions scout posting under an assumed ID on the CFL board?

Unless GG has some actual football credentials (coach in a dominant high-school program or greater, player agent, former/current CFL player, or similar real football position) do you think the Lions will actually pay attention to fan email suggestions on player transactions? Maybe I should start making suggestions, at least my cousin did play for the Lions back in '95-96.

Anybody look up Major Harris on you tube? He has a pretty cool video too. Heck, you can even find videos of dogs that talk!!!

I don't think anybody on any team would advocate dumping 3 of your starting secondary and bringing in 3 new guys all in the same week mid-season.