Dazed and confused about Charlie's excuse.

I was at the game and I'm confused about Charlie's reason for not getting Richie in for the last minute 3rd down sneak. He said he didn't have enough time. As far as I remember (and no..I was one of the few sober one's there..LOL), there was an injury time-out just prior. One of the Cats O'lineman went down. Can you not figure out the next play and replace the QB in that time-out?????

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I'm not sure why it would have been better to have Richie in there for that. Printers can run effectively too.

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The injury time out was not "just prior".

It was a few plays prior.

Besides, Casey had already run for like 65 yards and is always a threat to run as well. Give the Argos as many choices/guesses as to who was going to get the ball.

They guessed right on that occasion.

You do not hand the ball off in the back filed to a fullback when you need short yardage. Where was Caulley - and fake attempt - redirection - nothing nada - poor play calling from a bunch of bafoons...........

they faked it to lumsden after piercy got the ball..lol

then how come the same play with piercy worked 2 or 3 times earlier in the game

You can hand off to a fullback when his name is Jesse Lumsden in that situation. LOL You need to give it to your best runner and I would have wanted a quick handoff to him to pound the RIGHT side of the line (behind Hage, Hudson, and Thomas) and move the chains.

My problem with running a FB handoff in the I-formation in that case is using the HB as a decoy, particularly when the back fakes to the opposite side and is out of position to block on the side he is needed.

It is a situation where a big back can be lined up as a TE or receiver and be brought across in motion to hit the hole as a lead blocker. Unless you go play action, you cannot run a short yardage play to the same gap time after time without somebody punching a hole because an experienced front seven is going to read those keys and stuff it.

The way the Cats approached it was predictable and doomed as it turned out.

Oski Wee Wee,

It worked because it was second and short and the surprise factor was still at play. Running the same play again (even as the Cats spread the receivers out) is going to the well too often. It is absolutely necessary to have a minimum of five short yardage plays IMHO and I really feel Hudson and Thomas are better run blockers than Dyakowski and Woodard.

Oski Wee Wee,

i think we should have run a qb sneak off tackle (opposite side of woodard of course).
i'm more pissed how in the 2nd quarter taaffe has zero confidence with his qb to get 3rd and less than a foot to go on a simple sneak. it's ridiculous!
there has just been too man crucial bonehead calls by the coaching staff and at least 3 games now were the issue is with our inability on short yardage which has cost us games.

If Casey wasn't physically able to do all that was required of him in that game he should not have been playing. If Taaffe wants to take the blame off of his shoulders, he should come up with an excuse that doesn't make him look even more responsible for the decision to play Casey when he wasn't ready.

With the recent speculation on the forums about front office interference, should we consider whether Taaffe was ordered to start Casey?

Nothing would surprise me.

I agree with everyone but what can we do
but just talk???

i guess charlie didnt watch the bc game last week. :wink:

No, it was the play immediately prior.
Lumsden had time to go to the sidelines, either banged up or with a helmet problem, and get replaced by Caulley, and still come back out for the play by the time Thomas was taken off the field.

So there was easily time to get Williams on. And like I said in another thread, had the play been successful there should have been time to run Printers back on as it takes a few extra seconds to unpile after a short yardage play, plus there would be the possibility of a measurement delaying things further.

I don't understand why lumsden and Caulley were not in the backfield for the 3rd and 1. fake it to Caulley give it to Lumsden or vice versa. But you fake it first and give it to the trailing back. You can use the first back to bust open a hole.
I agree you can't come back to a play that has worked 2 or 3 times earlier in the same game without the risk of being stuffed.
This is basic football. And even if Bellefuille called the play, don't you think it's up to Taaffe to question it.
I'd love to know what Danny Mac thought about the play.

There was nothing wrong with the call. Did anyone actually want to see Williams run the sneak after the Winnipeg game?

Your fullback should be able to get a yard on his own, and the line should give him the room to do it.

This one isnt on Taaffe, theres no reason not to get a yard REGARDLESS of the play call.

Seems Mr. Taaffe has taken the title from Mr. Lancaster. Its sad.

Did anyone actually want to see Williams run the sneak after the Winnipeg game?
8) Seems a lot of people have very short memories, don't they !!!! :wink:

I didn’t necessarily want to see Williams in the game, I just don’t buy Taaffe’s reason for not putting him in.

I just would have liked a formation that would have given the defence more to think about.
They knew Casey wouldn’t sneak it, so while they would likely think there was an 80% chance (my own arbitrary number) that Lumsden would get it, we had also shown the Piercy play at least 3 times in the game.

You have Lumsden and Caulley both in the lineup for the first time all year, put them both in. Hell, put Tre Smith in the backfield too. Add Williams at QB and there’s no way the argos could key on anyone.

so this is what i wanna know: why remove 255-pound fullback/tight end pavlovic for noted run blocker tony miles, at 165 pounds, on that play.
i don’t see why you couldn’t have casey do a qb dive — he ran all night anyway. all this talk about ‘exposing his thumb’ is nonsense …
i agree with what jock climie said on the tsn panel after bc tried mightily to pound it over on the als on friday night in the waning seconds: put double wide receivers left and right, spread out the line (get all that crowd out of the box!) and then have your quarterback either rub right or rub left, and get the job done.
it’s not that hard …