"Daylight" runs 40 yds in 4.2 seconds!

wow, I knew Grant was fast, but not this fast.
4.2 seconds in the 40 yd dash is an elite time in any Pro football league and very few players have ever hit that mark.
The Kid is "Greased Lightning" no doubt. :thup:

Quote: Cobourne admits that Grant brings something new for opponents to worry about.

“The difference is he runs a 4.2 [40-yard dash] and I run a 4.5. That’s the big difference. I don’t think our styles are any different. He’s just as fast as hell.?

Very fast for sure and really helps when he hits a hole and can accelerate. That being said though there are other things in 10-15 yard area where the difference between a 4.2 and 4.5 40 isn't really the main concern to get 6 or 7 needed yards, that's a different skill set not based upon pure flat-out speed.

of course. There are many variables that encompass a player in pro ball.
That being said, give Grant a little room and bam, he's gone. :thup:

8) It was clearly evident just how fast Grant was in the last pre-season game in Hamilton.
  The most obvious question is, why did it take this coaching staff so long to get a breakaway star back like him onto
   the game day active roster ???    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Could be because Coubourne is known as a great hitter and blocker and can take the short screen pass after throwing a block.
Breakaway speed may not be everything. It's a team game and the coaches probably saw more in Avon and of course they are stuck with the "canadian content" anchor, you want to play your best players but you can't.

Boy mike, I'm surprised with this CanCon "anchor" as you call this, you're able to enjoy the CFL. You sound like guys who try and compare the talent in the CFL to the NFL rather than praising the differences and opportunities each league has onto it's own. The CFL doesn't to me have this anchor, I see it as a challenging opportunity for recruiment and chess-like utilization of talent under different rules than the NFL that create a unique coaching challenge and GM challenge.

You sound like a guy on the radio today who was saying the Pats would kill the little Cats. The guy obviously is challenged to see each team and the league they play in on their own merit.

Mike, you're better than that, you are!

So what if hes a fast a Micheal Vick? :lol: whoopdie doo..... :wink: :rockin: :smiley:

I would like to see the best product on the field, and if we have to sit a great Running back in favour of a McKay or a Carter is not right. We need a better balance of players on the field and having barriers like the Canadian Content is just not right.

So, a thread about Cobourne is being hijacked and made about something completely different, about a certain topic that keeps getting brought up even in threads that have little (if anything at all) to do with that topic? Seriously?

From the forum guidelines:

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I don't like to seem like one of the "forum police" but considering the number of thread hijacking attempts I've seen here, and how this has already been discussed several times because of previous successful thread hijacking attempts, I need to make an exception.

We need a better balance of players on the field and having barriers like the Canadian Content is just not right.

Well then the CFL isn't for you, and that is fair enough, those that don't get this rule I have no problem if they turn away from the league, in fact it's best they do turn away. This league will remain with the CanCon, at least for Canadian based teams, for the entire future of the league IMHO and as more Canadians continue to get better in CIS and junior, I see the CanCon rule, as it should, increase the number of mandated Canadians.

Completely and totally agree. Thank you, Earl.

No problem OF. I want to include a mix of Americans in the CFL by all means but encourage the continued development of football in Canada and what better way then to see that there is an opportunity for the CIS and junior grads to play at a professional level in their country for an iconic Canadian symbolic trophy rather than being ousted by the "football factory" down south that is an entirely different system in many respects with how football is organized here.

That is why I don't want people who don't get the CanCon rule around these parts because it goes much deeper than this. I don't want our universities here allowing student football players to miss classes, have other people write exams and papers for them and turn university into a joke. I don't want that system in Canada even if it means a bit less athletic talent on the field here. It's a slippery slope and both the CIS and CFL need to work together on how football is oranized in this country even if the less mindful sorts like Phil Lind of Rogers doesn't have the ability to understand this, or that mayor of Toronto Ford.