Day two of camp : 2 cuts 5 added

Of the new guys coming in today I'm kind of liking this guy Aki Jones

who is out? who else is in?


Cornerback Chijioke Onyenegecha failed his medical and offensive tackle Julius Orieukwu was released.


Five players were added to the roster today: Linebacker Barry Robertson, running back Brandon Whitaker, defensive tackle Aki Jones, defensive end Rodney Hardeway and receiver Larry Taylor.

Also interesting this monster linebacker was signed March 18th....Goes to show you Richard that its not because there aren't any anouncements that there isn't activity

I never said that there was no activity; I deplored the "lack" of announcements. I know that the new 20 players or so added since May 31,2008 were not signed in the last few days but long time ago.

If you "go" to everything I wrote, I was always saying that we needed 2 to 3 D.L. and a M.L.B. Since Saturday, 4 defensive linemen were added and 1 M.L.B.

On june 1st, I wrote that 5 new players could be added,including 1R.B.,2 D.L. and 1 M.L.B.. 5 were added today, incl. a R.B.,a M.L.B. and a D.L.

If Robertson is as good as what we read,then we have our new M.L.B. Finally!


Are all the practices open to the public in St. Jean? I got the directions to the field but it says to ask at the gate…what gate? Is it a pain to get to or is it pretty easy?