Day one defence

Nice article
Seems a dude named Greg Laybourn, turned afew heads...

Le diminutif Leroy Vann (5’8’’) a bien paru dans les exercices à un contre un et a tiré son épingle du jeu contre des adversaires plus imposants.

  • Le Canadien Steven Holness et De’Audre Dix ont tous deux pratiqué au poste de demi de coin du côté large.

  • « Le numéro 48, le gars blanc, m’a franchement impressionné. » avoue le secondeur Walter Spencer.

« Je ne connais pas son nom mais il était bon. Le numéro 48 je crois », hésite Diamond Ferri.

Son nom est Greg Laybourn, c’est un secondeur américain et il été franchement solide en cette première journée de camp en réussissant deux interceptions.

I like this site! I go into it via and, with one click I get an english translation.

We need an updated roster soon.

Not on actual roster: Greg Laybourn,Bo Bowlind. Taylor Scott who replaced Alian-Michael Cash.


players in and players out that's why it's called TC!!

I know Scott has been released, what about Laybourn and Bowlind?

And please don't put him back on the roster like he - and several others - was last year! They can't play. When they're gone, THEY'RE GONE AND SHOULD STAY GONE!

as far as I'm aware #9 bo bowling and #48 greg laybourn are still with the team!! while scott taylor was cut!!

Herb profiles our new DB coach, Daronte Jones: ... story.html

Very glowing appraisals from Trestman and the players. Incidentally, I didn't know Billy Parker was a cornerback in the Arena league. Knowing that makes me feel better about moving him to corner and playing Anderson inside.

not so sure about the switch!! like parker's height and toughness inside and anderson and estelle at the corners shutting down everything outside and forcing everything inside to the LBs and parker, etienne bouley and gerald brown!! all good thumpers!!