Day in the park

Has anyone heard if there will be a meet and greet the Cats in Gage park this year, after the pre-season?

they did not do one last year.
if anything the do it at IWS

The lady who ran that picnic doesn't work for the ticats anymore and unfortunately, the picnic went with her.

Perhaps this would be a good area for Ron Lancaster to get involved in. After all, he's our new PR man.

tick...tick...tick...tick... :lol:

The Cats have been more visual in the community than I can remember.

I am sure the players/management will be having an open house for the new business location so this might replace the picnic in the park. :wink:

The team introduction at Gage Park was fabulous.....I really enjoyed that.....that was sooo Hamilton and showed people there is much more to this City than being a concrete was a huge kid friendly event also......

I'd be in favour of bringing that back in a heartbeat.

8) I have to agree with you mikey, it was a great day at Gage Park and gave the fans a chance to meet all the players at one time !!! They should consider bringing that event back again this year !!!

I rather Do it at the Stadium..Then Gage Park..

I loved finding out and cheering for the players
who had just made the team that morning

as they were introduced from the bandshell

and walking around congratulating them,
getting their autographs or just chatting.

It was an exciting way for fans to learn
which players had made the final cuts.

I am sure it was nice for them, too,
to get a feel for the community

and get their first feeling for
what being a Tiger Cat is all about.

I am sure families loved the park setting
and it's great picnic-like atmosphere

with hotdogs, hamburgs and games
and competitions for the kids
and a band playing at the bandshell

I loved the Gage Park event as well. It was a perfect place to take the kids. They got to meet the players, eat and then go to the swings/water park. They were very disappointed it didn't happen last year.

We were really disappointed to.. we enjoyed that event immensely and would love to see it come back in some variation.

I was unable to fit this event into a busy schedule in the past, but from what you folks say here, I'd love to experience it.