Day after thoughts

So I can't lie I am distraught over this loss. I assumed I would feel better today but man I couldn't help but replay moments in my mind all day at work. I have watched the highlights about half dozen times already and just need to vent my thoughts to all you lovely fans on the forum. (Sorry for very inconsistent grammar)

-We played a great game of football. Sure we got punched in the mouth early but we scrapped our way back and I couldnt be prouder of the team. We coulda, shoulda and woulda won this ball game but it just wasn't meant to be.
-Bo Levi was incredible last night, I dont know if ive ever seen someone escape a collapsing pocket with such ease. He stepped up so many times and just calmly chucked it up for one of his receivers to go get.
-Which brings me to my next thought, the Stamps wr corp was clutch last night, they made multiple grabs in tight coverage and Rogers was a beast just finding ways to get open and also came down with a few tough ones. The Stamps offence just made big play after big play and proved they dont need Cornish to win a game.
-I loved the shovel pass to Lewis, that was one greasy play but hats off to Dickenson for a great play design.
-We absolutely shut Cornish down, I dont care decoy or not, you better believe if Cornish was ripping us up on the ground they would have kept feeding him the rock. I understand and respect the gameplan of using him as a decoy, but we still shut his a** down when he did have the ball, which not many defences can claim.
-Collaros played one hell of a game, so happy he is our quarterback, he made so many big throws and showed how much heart he has by clawing us down the field multiple time.…but
-I said it all season long, we cannot keep settling for field goals and expect to win, and it absolutely killed us last night. We got within striking distance 4 times and just couldnt come away with 7. If im Collaros, Condell and Austin, I am making that the number one priority in the offseason. We need to be waaaay more productive in the redzone, we just have to be, frustrated me all year.
-Hope Condell also realized what an asset a good running game can be. Grigsby had a few really nice runs and I woulda called 2 runs as well down on the 2 yard line. That is the play that eats at me the most, down on the 2 yard line you just have to punch that in, I had all the confidence in the world Grigsby would get in but like i said before, just wasnt meant to be, Stamps made a HUGE stop.
-Brandon Stewart got exposed in our two playoff games, he got schooled by SJ Green and then Calgary made him look silly again last night, in my opinion if there's a weak link on our defense it has to be Stewart.
-I don't understand the decision by Kent Austin to kick the ball with just 2 minutes left on the clock making it a 4 point game. Where does that get you? If you just go for it on 3rd down either you end up converting and getting another crack at the end zone, getting the touchdown that we actually need, or you don't convert and Calgary is still pinned deep and we have a chance to stuff their offence and get the ball back for one more chance. Just a bad decision I think, still trying to understand it.
-Ultimately we all knew I had to come to the penalty call and in my opinion it was obviously a judgement call but if I was in Taylor Reed's situation I never would have touched the guy, you clearly could see the name on the back of his jersey, Reed had no reason to touch him, really bugs me that Sinkfield seemed to have him lined up anyways, the block was completely unnecessary. I will never forget the feeling I got in my stomach as I watched Brandon Banks run down the sidelines knowing that it was all for not. Broke my heart too see how upset he was, I want to say I would have reacted differenly but I feel no anger towards Banks for his reaction and blowing the media off after the game, poor guy tried to put the team on his back last night and thought he had done it, just freaking heartbreaking.
-Finally, still happy too see Bo Levi and Huf get the cup, Stamps were the class of the league and deserve to be called champions… But goddamn how different the script could have been. But this team is too young, too good and too well coached not to be back to the big dance on more than one occasion, I really think we have something special brewing here in Hamilton.

I appreciate you reading if you somehow got all the way to the end. I feel a bit better now, but probably wont be fully recovered till we tee up a ball again next season and start all over from scratch.

I love this team, cant wait till we can finally celebrate that long awaited cup, its coming real soon I am very confident.

Good post. Some solid points.

I dont buy the Cornish decoy garbage either. Like you said they had every intent to run the ball and we shut it down.

I think we focused too much on their run game, which stopped us from getting pressure. Not to mention CGY's oline was solid.

Calgary played a great game, showed why they went 17-3 this year… just think about that, thats a ridiculous record. We gave them a game all three times this year though and we were a much better team than our record indicated. I hope this team has learned to love the feeling of winning but hate the feeling of losing a millon times more. So many heartbreaking losses this year I hope next year we use that to our advantage and become a better team because of it. Ive played sports my whole life and some teams just have that knack for always coming out on top, and I have been on both ends of the spectrum, you cant explain it, its just a team confidence that no matter what the situation, we will find a way to win, while other teams are just waiting for disaster to strike, and I think we still need to harness that type of confidence. I dont know how, but we need to learn to win close games.

I realize that has nothing to do with what you said but just what came out when i started typing :lol: I do agree we had to key on Cornish which completely opened up the pass game, our dline had to be super responsible instead of just flying to Bo Levi every play. Still thought our D played great, Stamps just seemed to always have some sort of answer.

Can anyone explain that decision to kick the field goal deep in the Calgary zone with 2 minutes left when you are down by 7 points?

Always. Take. The. Points. Especially in that situation. If you get ztopped on 3rd-and-goal, it KILLS any momentum you built up, demoralizes the defence, and gives a HUGE boost to the opposition. Plus, with those disadvantages, the defence absolutely HAS to make a stop ASAP, something that is exceedingly hard to do.

Kick the FG, get the points, you are only down by four with pleanty of time to make a stop, and you have confidence in your Special Teams and Offence to move into scoring position for a TD to win the game.

If it was another time in the game and the scores were closer than they were earlier, they MAY have attempted the 3rd down gamble. It would also depend on the effectiveness of both our O-line and Calgary's defence, and I think we know the answer to THAT question (O'Neill, Filer)...

Agreed and I'm pretty sure there was about 4 mins left

I don't know if you guys are just not thinking of the correct field goal, but Im talking about the decision with 2 minutes and 16 seconds left to kick the field goal deep in Stamps territory (30 yard line) on 3rd and 16. I understand 16 yards is a lot but cmon you are competing for a championship, we needed a touchdown no ifs, ands or buts about it, a field goal doesnt change that at all.

I am huge believer in always taking the points but in certain situations you just have to say f**k it and roll the dice. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, I just believe the positives of converting that 3rd down far outweigh the negatives.

As someone who sat with 2ez4 and watched the game,I have to agree with all his points as we discussed them at length and in depth while watching the game. The fg was indeed the one with a little over 2 minutes left in the game. It still has me scratching my head,if you are down by 7,then being down by 4 makes no difference,you go for it on 3rd down and if you are not successful at least you have the Stamps hemmed in their own end of the field. The way the defense was playing,there was a good chance of a 2 and out and the Cats getting the ball back with at least a minute and thirty to work with.Like I've already stated a thousand times already on other threads,the Cats pathetic red zone offense cost us this game,not the flag at the end.It did though unfortunately nullify what would've been an amazing play and finish to the game. I also stated all week that we would not be blown out....I was right on,on that prediction :smiley: I was also bang on with my prediction on Cornish getting no way near a 100 yds rushing on the day :smiley: Also predicted that Banks would go well over a 100 yds total offense and that the Stamps would not have an answer for him...also correct :smiley: I'll take a mulligan on my prediction of Speedy taking one to the house on a punt return,technically he did :smiley: unfortunately it was called back :cry: and to end off I also predicted that Collaros would have more passing yardage than Mitchell on the game. :slight_smile: The only prediction I had wrong was the winning team :cry: ,but it's not like we didn't have our opportunities in the 4th quarter to steal this game. In the end there is no shame in losing to a team as powerful and well coached as the Stamps have been the last 4 to 5 seasons. Like 2EZ already stated going 17-3 on the season is a season for the ages and should be applauded. In the end all you can say is congrats to the Stamps and we will be back next year,mark my words.....2015 will be the year of the CAT :rockin: Book it !!!!!!!!!
HAMILTON TI-CATS 2015 GREY CUP CHAMPIONS :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: 16 THUMBS UP FOR GREY CUP #16 for the City of Hamilton next season. :rockin:

Well arent you a genius…… too bad the only prediction you got wrong was the one that mattered the most :thdn: :wink:

Yes, that decision at the end to kick it with 2 mins remaining was a head scratcher. A field goal does not make a difference at that point. We have good receivers. Although the offensive line was getting killed, I admit... but still it's the Grey Cup, you got to go for it, it's the championship. If they missed they would have pinned them back anyway. At that point they still could get the ball back with a quick 2 and out.

Yup!!! usually going 4 out of 5 would be considered a good day,but unfortunately the biggest prediction was the one that didn't come through :cry: I would've gladly gone 1 for 5 and be sitting here today as a fan of the Grey Cup champions.Oh well here's hoping that history repeats itself and the Cats can pull off the trifecta ala 84 :cry: ,85 :cry: ,86 :smiley: As the saying goes....3rd times the charm. Let's just hope that Austin can sign some of our key FA's in the off season and hopefully keep the core of this team together for next season with minimal roster moves and this team should be set for years to come.

At 3rd and goal from the 16 with 2 mins left and down by 7 you sure as heck kick the FG. A TD ties the game, and there is enough time for the other team to get in a position to at least score a rouge. If you fail to score, you risk the other team being able to run the ball down your throats to end the game. A FG narrows the score to 4, and, if you get a defensive stop, a TD wins the game (as we almost did). TAKE THE POINTS!!!

Always? What if there were 20 seconds left in the game at that point in time?

I was stunned when I saw them kick the field goal. The points were near-useless in that situation.

As I said, "Especially in that situation". Wit 20 secs left, of course you're going for the TD.

We obviously disagree which is fine, you afterall are the one agreeing with a real CFL coach isntead of me who is nothing but an armchair coach.

It wasnt 3rd and goal by the way, we were at the Stamps 30 and it was 3rd and 16. But if it were 3rd and goal from the 16 hypothetically then that would only strengthen my stance to go for it.

My view is that down 20-13 with two minutes left you no doubt about it need a touchdown, you are only gunna get one more possesion realistically no matter if you kick the fg or dont convert on third down. Im guessing here but I think the fact Zach got sacked the play before switched Kents plans who probaby would have gone for it if it were 3rd and 10 or shorter. 3rd and 16 is a scary number but I feel like when youre already at the 30 and know that if you get the ball back again youre almost guranteed to. have to march in from your own end of field for a td, you go for broke and hope you get the first down (still have a vivid memory orf Ray Rice dashing down field on 4 and 26 to keep the Ravens season alive in 2012, its not impossibe), if you convert then boom you have three more cracks to tie the game from the Stamps 14 with just under 2 minutes remaining down 20-13, if you dont the Stamps are (barring a turnover) still pinned deep in their own end and need a couple of first downs to ice the game. If you kick the fg no matter what you still need the big stop on defence then need to rely on your offence to drive the field with around a minute remaining and score a touchdown, sure itd be a game winning touchdown but regardless we still need a touchdown whether we kick the fg or not.

Chances of scoring a td from the 30 yard line or closer if you convert >>>> Chances of driving the field in under a minute for a touchdown.

I dont know if i explained that well enough but just my .02.

My bad, I was talking about a different series. What you wrote makes more sense - if Zach had not been sacked for a big loss on 2nd down, then I think KA would have attempted a 3rd down gamble. I thought t was 3rd and goal after a big sack. I agree, try getting the first down, and then eat up time getting into the end-zone.

Then the REAL debate begins: PAT for the tie or 2-point conversion attempt for the win?