Day 9 at Camp

Much more of a relaxed practice today, make that both practices. The afternoon practice was an extension of the morning session with players wearing only helmets and no shoulder pads. Both practices were more subdued but there was a skirmish in the afternoon when Wayne Shaw and Talman Gardner exchanged pleasantries. Nothing major, but a sign of the competitiveness of camp.

More and more emphasis on special teams has been evident in the recent practices with the kickoff team being the focus today. Boreham still is handling most of those duties. In addition, the defence still looks really good versus the offence in team reps. Part of this is that the offence is learning new additions to the playbook daily and there is lots to take in mentally. This isnt to say that the defence doesn’t do the same but there is always more complexity on the offensive side of the ball.

The heat was a factor today but the team still managed to get two productive sessions under their belt. No one is going at less than 100% regardless of temperature. There was a definite drop off in the number of fans that came to watch the practices, and no doubt the heat and humidity was the reason.

When looking at players, Tay Cody is continuing his fight to start at one corner with Jykine Bradley right behind him. Scott Gordon had a decent day with better positional play, and the running of Anthony Davis is still fun to watch.

No one is really taking a step backwards from day to day, and the coaching staff will probably keep the same unit heading into the exhibition game on Friday in Toronto. The Ricky Williams era, or make that year, has begun and our defence should be ready for him and the rest of the Argos.

Two more practices tomorrow with more heat and humidity expected.

Thanks for braving the heat and humidity yourself to continue your excellent series of Ticat training camp reports, freeagent.

sweet, id love to see us shut down ricky, lets make him look bad!!

Nice report....thanks!

Since you mentioned the weather, I can't help but think of the rude awakening for some of our new American players when they get a taste of our incredible heat and humidity near the great lakes....a far cry from the ice, snow and dogsleds they may have expected.... :lol:

Stay cool!'s gonna be a cooker again today! (at least 34 c) 8)

(How's our long-snappers doing anyhow?).....and who's been doing the holding for field goals?