Day 6 Training camp

Friday, June 8, 2007 - 07:46PM

Fans looked on as the Stampeders continued to perfect their skills in preparation for the 2007 season today at McMahon Stadium. Saturday will be the last day of two-a-day practices before the inter-squad scrimmage which takes place on Sunday afternoon.

In the first practice of the day, veteran defensive players Marc Calixte (linebacker) and Crance Clemons (defensive back) both exhibited great efforts to knock down passes and Randy Chevrier applied enough pressure on the quarterback to force a thrown away pass. On offense, Nik Lewis caught a Ryan Cubit pass through traffic along the hash marks while Akili Smith completed a pass to a reaching J.R. Tolver for a touchdown. Ken-Yon Rambo also caught a pass from Henry Burris as he leapt over the goal line for a major. However, the receivers were not the only ones to catch passes in the morning, as all of the running backs were called upon to receive passes out of the backfield.

The action only intensified as the afternoon practice arrived. Cassidy Doneff kept his feet inbounds as he caught passes from both Henry Burris and Barrick Nealy near the sideline. Nik Lewis made his presence known as he embarrassed a defender leading to an uncontested grab before catching passes from quarterbacks Akili Smith and Barrick Nealy in the middle of the field. Nevertheless, on defense, Shaunard Harts and Crance Clemons displayed some outstanding coverage as they broke up passes. As well, the secondary as a whole forced the quarterback to throw the ball away due to some unyielding coverage downfield.