Day 4 at Camp

Got a chance to see the morning and afternoon practices and apart from the weather being unbelievable, it was great seeing the boys out on the field. Today in the morning there was much more coaching of finer details with the emphasis on players on offence knowing their formations and assignments.

There is so much more of the above at this camp than in the past few camps, and I think it will pay off more in the short term, not to mention the conditioning aspect and how that is strengthened for months from now.

The individual battles continue between linebackers and running backs, receivers and defensive backs, and offensive and defensive linemen. The major thing I noticed is the way things have come around for some players with the added teaching, coaching and practicing. Players that didn’t look sharp on day one have taken major steps forward.

I never mentioned much about the kicking game, and as I see it, and probably to no one’s surprise, the Boreham-Fleming battle isnt really a battle but more so a friendly bonding where it clearly shows that Boreham has the leg for field goals and kickoffs, while Fleming is the one with the better distance and hang time on punts. Boreham sent some kickoffs over 70 yards deep. There is room for both to co-exist, and the team didn’t draft Fleming with their first pick in the dispersal draft to see him come and go.

The secondary continues to show well in their trials against the speedy receivers. Tay Cody continues to be the aggressive one in camp, much to the chagrine of Coach Marshall. Deep down coaches like to see a little extra aggression in training camp when challenging the opposing unit, but there is a fine line between aggression and going overboard. Cody has dished out a few major hits this camp when he could have held back, but Cody accepted the fact that he did a no no, and with great sportsmanship, apologized to Coach Marshall and the bewildered receiver(s) respectively. A class act, and simply a sign of the type of players this team has on its roster.

Moving on, it is great to see how good a camp some defensive backs are having, namely Justin, Goss, and Sandy Beveridge. The first two have done really well. The words ‘shut down’ come to mind. It is a great sign when you see backs always being around the ball, regardless if the receiver made the catch. If the close coverage continues, then at one point you will see some picks occurring and that is exactly what has been happening to date. Beveridge is making great strides to come back to playing like he was a few years back. Throw in Wayne Shaw and Scott Gordon and you have three guys that can play the safety position, not to mention what they offer on special teams.

The quarterbacks are looking good. They are checking off from the intended receiver to the next read, and so on. If they have to dump it off underneath they will and that is using the entire receiving core. This year you see more players hanging around after practice to improve their timing and going through many agility drills all in the hopes of being one of 46 players making the cut.

Our new lineman Damion Cook practiced in the afternoon but not in the morning. He looks the part, showing pretty good agility although he didn’t participate much in the team drills. This bodes well for an offensive line that is coming together day to day. Will be much better when Pascal Cheron returns.

A number of guest/part time coaches are making their presence felt, and without mentioning them all, you can see that they are right into the thick of things adding their expertise. It is great to see the crispness in this camp, especially when I personally have attended a number of CFL training camps in the past, namely Toronto and Montreal. The players will be more than ready come next Friday in Toronto, relatively speaking. After all, that game is still an extension of ‘training’ camp.

Tomorrow will be a conditioning test for the players with the first Power Practice (two practices in one). We should see even more fans in the stands with the great weather continuing.

solid, you have better posts then's division training camp report, one question though, how are our receievrs and lb's so far?? do you feel confident in them and if you do wiche ones in particualr are shaping up in practice? :slight_smile:

the Boreham-Fleming battle isnt really a battle but more so a friendly bonding where it clearly shows that Boreham has the leg for field goals and kickoffs, while Fleming is the one with the better distance and hang time on punts. Boreham sent some kickoffs over 70 yards deep. There is room for both to co-exist
I too noticed today and posted in another thread that they seem to be getting along famously....and yeah, if one is better than the other but are both capable of still covering each other in a pinch, then it may work out fine.....

thanks Free Agent for another great report!......(one request though if I may........GET IT POSTED BEFORE "LAW AND ORDER" COMES ON NEXT TIME WILL YA?.....LMAO! :lol:

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Beggers can't be choosers :wink:.

Great news. I hope you keep these up until the end of training camp. I'd like to hear what you think of Jykine Bradley. He had 3 interceptions in the two games he played last year, and I was wondering if he was continuing to struggle in camp.

To be honest, although there are your clear choices that would start at WR, those fighting to win a spot are not far behind. You will like the talent at WR if you saw them first hand.

As for LB, Augie, Mariuz, Armour, Dodds, Brooks and Antoine Sanders are doing very well. Hitch is also having a good camp. Augie looks to maintain his spot in the middle, Mariuz looks real good outside, and the guy i really like is Dodds on the outside but this just goes to show you that there will be a number of great players released from this camp. Its the unfortunate situation that the team will be in, but a good problem to have when all is said and done.

That was another great report, Freeagent. Very informative. Without it, I would not have known that Cody was a little too aggressive. And the way Boreham and Fleming are complementing each other, this confirms what I suspected about what would happen between them. Neither should consider themselves threatened by each other's presence. I figure if one gets injured, the other could temporarily take his place, but how good is Fleming at placekicking?

It was also interesting to hear what was said about the linebacking situation. It was Brooks who I was looking forward to seeing, and I figure Mariuz will give us good special teams play in addition to depth at the linebacker position. But some good players will not make the team. And despite them being good players, it's important not to get too attached to them, as they may not be here for much longer.

what abuot renard cox?? is he not competing well in our camp?? i know last year he was awsome during Blitz plays.

Renard Cox was just too small for the position IMO

so wat r u trying to say? he wont make it??? he cud b used as db u think?

I suppose I could use this thread to mention other day 4 news. As some of you may know, DB Walter Williams has been cut. But I'd say he appeared to be unlikely to make the team. Certainly less likely than another player we have named Williams. And so those won't make as much news as a certain other player named Williams. :slight_smile:

But what I find somewhat more interesting is that Quincy Carter was cut by the Alouettes after he was injured. You can clcik here to read about Carter getting cut. So maybe Marcus Brady will make the team.

Man you are a great wrighter thank for all the info keep up the great work freeagent