Day 3 Saturday results Twas the night befor......

Well Saturday is noW over and I will once again say WOW!
I saw alot of new things today and met alot of great people from all over North America. Yes Americans love our football too. One American came all the way from Miami to see the Grey Cup.

 Looking up in the sky I noticed Winnipeg had a helecopter flying around, but what really caught my eye was the low flying Canadian Forces Bomber with 2 jet fighters flying in a V formation over the houses right befor the Grey Cup Parade.  I met one of the Merchanics who works on those planes today and He mentioned that the two Jets will be flying low over the stadium befor kickoff.   

 The Grey Cup parade had thousands and thousands of fans watching a long line of great marching people and floats.  Leading the Parade were a group of blues brothers in the traditional black suits and sun glasses.  Seeing the Hamilton and Edmonton Cheer leaders taking part in the parade really topped it off nicely.   Former Blue Bomber Chris Walby was seen at the parade as well. Oh and I should also mention THE BALTIMORE STALIONS FAN CLUB marched in the parade.  That was a supprise to see  a large group of Americans so die hard about the CFL.

 The party scene was once again Crazy.  I met up with Hamilton fans who dressed up in stripped hard hats, pins, and tiger striped clothing.  They had a great time.  Their web site is <!-- w -->[url=][/url]<!-- w -->

Today was the day were I saw for the first time 2 people wearing Ottawa Jerseys. A little late guys but welcome to the party. They had some great things to say about Winnipeg as well.
One Calgary fan had his beard died red and white to match the Stampeders jerseys. He called himself "The Bottom Feeder".

 Today I met several football players from the past.  One of them (forgot his name)gave me his football cards and he too had a Grey Cup ring.  I will scan them for you guys to see. In addition I also met Former 1985 BC Lions Gerald Roper, 2005 Edmontons ED Hervay, Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Donald Borel.  (Forgive me on the spelling of their names. If anyone can correct me if I spelled their names wrong please let me know.)  All of them great guys to talk too.  

 Well Saturday night is over and it is officially GREY CUP SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice job. Keep 'em coming, BB!

GREAT STUFF , MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like the first time! Hmmmmm, I think I said that concerning another type of ball game many years ago...

Love it...enjoy!!