Day 3 at Camp

Today was basically an extension of the previous day with not many players jumping out at you in terms of moving up on the depth chart.

The same positives were there and the same concerns were there also. The offensive line is getting a little bit better daily and maybe we just have to analyze it a bit by saying that they are practicing against what could be one of the best D-Line's in the CFL. There are players who are backups on the D-Line that could start for some teams in the CFL right now. So if they are having some problems now, it may be because of that reason, at least that could be part it anyhow.

The quarterbacks are still doing pretty well with Williams distancing himself from Josten for the 3rd spot.

Holmes is getting his timing back, Anthony Davis is competing well, but Ranek is just something else. He will definitely be a fan favourite this year. Kojo Aidoo is having a really good camp in my eyes. I am sure fans want to see more from him on the field now.

Flick, Ralph, Peterson, Yeast and Vaughn seem to be the 5 that a spot on the roster has to be won from. Obviously someone has to push these veterans for playing time and Willie Quinnie is looking good as is Kwame Cavil. Gardner is doing well, but needs to kick his game up another notch to show his real capabilities.

The linebackers are much more impressive this year with Augie solidifying his place in the middle, and a number of others doing well at Will and Sam. Players to watch still seem to be Mariuz, Armour and Dodds. We should be much better at LB as we get to game one.

Our secondary looks to be Justin, Goss, Shaw, Martin and possibly Tay Cody slightly ahead of Bradley and Kornegay. Still looking to get a good feel for some of the new guys like Walter Williams and Roderick Babers. The exhibition game will be fun to analyze the talent.

Our punting game probably will end up with Pat Fleming taking the duties, with Boreham concentrating on field goals. That would be a good thing, and maybe we become more efficient at both. Jamie has the kicking duties definitely and quite likely Fleming the punting duties. At this point i dont see how they both wont be here concentrating on their specific tasks.

The return game has Holmes, Yeast and rookie Davon Fowlkes competing. Coach Erdman had the special teams units testing today and saying that they performed well is an understatement.

Things are looking up for this team. There is a slight but positive move forward daily when looking at the efficiencies of players at their positions, and i am sure if you asked the coaches at this point how things are going, there would be nothing but positives being said. On the flip side, there is still much to learn.

Lets hope the fans get out to watch them on Saturday at the Black and Gold game. They wont be disappointed. Too bad they cant have 3-a-days.

Thanks a ton Free Agent.....

As I don't have much time now to even read the forums, let alone attend camp, this really helped me visualize what went on....looking forward to checking your report tomorrow....

thanks again,

mike :thup:

what times the black and gold game at?? i werk 7 til close?? is it during the day??

and hey, free agent your one hell of a writer, i like how u put things, keep up the magnificant posts. :thup:

Great job free agent!

Hope they sign you up.

Your reports are the highlight of my night on forum site. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Hey "buckwheat", what's up with the nickname? I only know one Ticat fan who uses that term regularly. Any chance you are he? If not what inspired the choice of nickname?

And thanks freeagent. I'm a fan too.

Cheers, Bob.

Blitz21 wrote

what times the black and gold game at?? i werk 7 til close?? is it during the day??
Where is the Black and Gold game is it at Mac or Ivor Wynne?

Thanks for your excellent, well-written Ticat training camp report, freeagent. A definite "must read"!

Yeah I'll go along with that great work free agent you should be writing copy.

ditto on the wanting info on the black and gold game, i'd kinda like to go seeing as i'm off this saturday. what time and how much $$ to get in? (oh and where?)


Nice work, as I am i couldn;t even dream of attending a Cats game let alone a training camp(Sask again). Very good read should come here and write for the Leader Post or Star Phoenix.

last years event as ivor wynne was free to the public, i remeber puttin on my jersey and jus waiting in line no questions asked we got some flyers and jus enjoyed the show! should be free again i am going to assume..

if not thats a B.s move by our staff, it should be for promotional use only u shouldnt be charged

That was another excellent post, Freeagent. It's always good to get such a detailed report of what it is that happens at training camp.

So anyway, from what I'm hearing, it looks like Williams will be #3 on our quarterback depth chart. I've heard some good things about him. And if he's distancing himself from Josten, it's likely because Williams is that good, not that Josten is that bad. And so I wonder if Josten will play at all in either of our exhibition games.

It's interesting to hear about how Aidoo is doing, as I never heard anything about the team re-signing him. And with the way Gilles Lezi was chosen in the dispersal draft, I wondered if we would see him return at all. It's good to hear that Anthony Davis is also doing well. Maybe we could keep Holmes as a slotback if Ranek gets injured and have Davis take his place. And speaking of Ranek, I'm sure we'll like having him on board with all the all-purpose yards he puts up.

And it was also interesting to hear about how the linebackers were doing. Will Mariuz be in the startting lineup? I figured with the competition he has, he's be used mostly on special teams. And it appears that Rob Hitchcock, like Mike Morreale, may not be on that starting lineup. But they are valuable to have, as they can give guidance to the new players joinging the team, which I understand they are doing now.

Anyway, thanks again for the report, FA. I look forward to reading more of your reports.