Day 1 Rookies-8 cut, Vets added- 2


former McMaster defensive back Nick Burns
and Canadian receiver Ivan Birungi.

2 Import Linebackers 3 Import Receivers

1 Import D-lineman 1 Import DB

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VETS ADDED; Richard Karikari and Ivan Birungi

Mark Myers was added with Karikari, not Birungi, Ron.

Thanks for the confirmation re Karikari.

Oski Wee Wee,

Myres was brought in so as to keep Setta from getting complacement. Setta impressed me today, BTW. Karikari signals the end of Shaw (at last - he was being beaten like a rented mule all day), and possibly Beveridge.

Where did Taylor Stubblefield go??? Did i miss something?

He didn't show for camp, iirc.

Its good to see that the fans are getting behind a kicker finally, I miss Ozzie. I really hope that is one thing the Tabbies don't have to worry about is kicking.

If Karikari brings it like I have seen him do in the past, I have to agree Shaw's days are numbered. Beveridge I hope sticks around at least as a 2nd string safety (I am a Beveridge booster)


But even some of the rookies won't be around by then. Cat GM Marcel Desjardins said he has to axe six rookies to meet the league requirement of 80 players by Sunday.

The number crunch was eased slightly when Canadian offensive lineman Kyler Jukes, who was with the club late last season, failed to report. Neither did Purdue-product Taylor Stubblefield, who has had a brief fling with the club.

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You're welcome.

Oski Wee Wee,

karikari is a solid pickup, how did he do las season i cant remeber

"2006: Dressed in 16 games with Montreal as a Safety...Recorded 37 defensive tackles, one quarterback sack, one fumber return, and three interceptions for 83 return yards"

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I do recall him being banged up a bit last year.

Oski Wee Wee,