Day 1 Report

Mini-Camp Report: Day 1

WINNIPEG, MB – The following is a list of happenings from Day 1 of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ 2006 mini-camp:

STARS OF THE DAY: QB Mike Quinn looked sharp in his first practice with the team and threw several pinpoint passes. RB Onterrio Smith was the centre of considerable attention in his first day in Blue & Gold. LB Donny Green impressed onlookers with his size and athleticism.




TEAM NEWS: The Blue Bombers will hold two mini-camp sessions Thursday and again on Friday (9 a.m-12:30 p.m.). Main training begins SUNDAY, MAY 21 at Canad Inns Stadium, with players taking to the field beginning at 8 a

...IF ...Mike Quinn can keep pin-;pointing the passes....i like what i'm hearing....this guy could have a legitimate positioning himself in a terrific spot in the rotation...I just had this feeling ...Berry seen something in this guy last year.....that you just don't walk away from...hope he keeps it up...this guy could be a very pleasant surprize............. :wink:

sounds good so far keep it up bombers

i knew quinn would do good, i was more interested in the linebackers. im glad to hear greens doing good. maybe him and ockimey on either side of Barrin this season, untill hebert comes.