Dawn Calgary Red to last Home Game in Protest

I am Angry I am Hurt and Pissed off.
If you are also Join Me in Dawning the Calgary Red last Home Game.
I am Tired of Losing Badly Hell I am tired of Losing ...
For one Game as a Protest Lets all Put on red and white ..

Want to make International headlines. You sell foam manequin heads at the gate and everyone dresses up the foam heads by drawing little round eyeglasses and putting old ball caps on them and goes and puts them on their seats and walks out. That would be Hillarious. Probably would make CNN nightly news.


we all are as fans..
but that is one of the most idiotic suggestions I ever read!

It better then Doing Nothing and Just taking what were given
This season is not exceptable.. what Great way to say it with out words..

My way of protesting will be by gladly accepting the 25% off of my three season tickets next year.

Hey Bob...

Make that offer again next year too...but up the ante. Make it 50% for 2010!

okay, i don't understand. we have been very close in all but 3 games

the blowouts do come, we all know that. i don't see why we hate these guys so much right now? we have played a lot better this year than last, sure we don't have as many wins but our guys are in games at least this year

i will wear my black and gold proudly

It more of a Protest at Management then at the players

What a brutal, childish idea.

Gee, why don't we all just start wearing double blue! :wink:

I don't think anyone would be foolish enough to do that. Besides, if you're a season ticket holder and the other season ticket holders in your section see you wearing the other teams colours you'll never hear the end of it. They would rightfully boo you for being such a bandwagon fan.

so…why DOESNT somebody sell paper bags with eyeholes in them at every gate for the last home game???

Is there a law agin it??

You know what you call the team that "Almost Wins"?

The Loser.

What are you getting 25% off of....My invoice went up 100% from 2007 to 2008...if they put it up another 100% and then take of 25%....you consider that a deal?

To watch the team that consistently takes last place.....enjoy.

I Am sorry none of you will be Joining me
The Stamps are 2ND Favourite Team Behind The Ticats
Lets Face it Management has Failed to Live up to their Playoff Team Pledge.
sure we get Discount but How about winning Season for once.

I think this is a Better way Protest then Putting A Bag over my head or Boycotting the last two home games,.
I am really Disappointed in the Effort the last 4 games
So I will put some Calgary Red one Time to show my Anger at Management.

8) You'll probably collect on the 50% also, if they offered it next year !!!! :wink:

Wearing the Calgary colours or the colours of any other CFL team as a means of protest at the next game is not only asanine...it's cowardly.
We are all sick of losing.
We are all tired of broken promises.
We are all hurt, dissapointed, annoyed and pissed off.
But to turn your back on YOUR team is in a word unacceptable.
I was at the Blue Team game on Saturday with a friend and 2 idiots behind me broke out the ever popular but oh so very old paper bag over the head schtick.
Of course they waited until the 3rd quarter to do so...hiding the sacks just in case the Eggos actually played well.
I wasted no time telling them that they were cowards...and would do so again if the situation were to be repeated.
These are not fans.
You are a season ticket holder for a team that currently isn't delivering the goods.
Do what you have the right to do...boo the players who aren't performing, criticize the management via these boards, phone into the 5th quarter or write a letter to the Editor to vent your frustration.
Hey...why not start a website?
But don't ever illicit the true fans to wear the colours of the opposition to satisfy your anger.
Remember...United we stand!

Here are Few Reasons I will Dawn Calgary Red :
(1) Not Resigning Armour ... He and Zeke where Two men Wrecking Crew in 07
(2) Trading of Zeke for Nothing but Promises of what Might Be ..
(3) Not Getting a long term Deal Signed for Setta Done Already
(4) Signing Miles and we cut Jojo .. who played better then Miles.
(5) Firing of Charlie Taaffe.. when Scott and Obie said they would not do it This year .
(6) Not Letting Charlie Hire His Own OC and DC ..( As Long they had CFL Experance)
(7) Hiring an OC and DC who where among the worst in CFL in 07
(8)After They Let Charlie Go they Hire Belliafool as the new head Coach
(9) 17 Sacks in 2 games vs BC
(10) Ticket Prices Change
(11) Blackout on TV.

This Team is a Laughing Stock so I will Put the Calgary Red in Protest of this bad year.
They Lucky I am still Complaining if I stop then they Should worry..
If we are Smart Will Hire Tom Higgins as our Head Coach and Rich Stubler as our DC in the off Season. Maybe they can fix this mess.

but everyone said that they don't care if we lose as long as we are competitive, hate to say it but we have been competitive this year and don't see why everyone's hatin on the cats

Unfortunately, I believe he did. http://www.blackandgoldreport.ca

With that said the recent video on the site is priceless.

I second that...highlight of my day/week/month/year

Absolutely fantastic!!

OMG! How funny is that video!!!!

And now, I'm out!