lol he says every body wans to go deep,and every body has the ability to go deep but he just runs whats hes told to.
lol do you think he was on this site reading what fans had to say about him lol?

I doubt it very much. If so, he shouldn't bother. He should listen to his coaches, not to what some of the denizens of fan site chat rooms say.

Exactly, although it's the right idea in this case. LMAO

Oski Wee Fly To The Cadillac,


This article also address a side issue, a pet peeve of mine;
people complaining that we don't throw enough long passes.

As Chris says,

"We have the ability to go deep and we do have the options to go deep,"
the 25-year-old Wake Forest product was saying this week."

The Ticats throw lots of long passes in practice

and despite what so many fans think

our game plan always includes long passes.

Once the game starts the spotter in the booth [the O.C.?]
gets to see what their opponent's defensive game plan is,

If right at the beginning he sees that their DBs
are closely covering our deep route receivers

he will call short and imtermediate pass routes.

It would be unwise to pass into strong coverage.

He will monitor their deep coverage to see if
they come up too far helping on shorter routes.

If they do he will call some long passes
to Prechae Rodriguez or Chrs Bouman.

True, after a couple long pass attempts
the short passing game opens up again,

however, here is why I don't get bent out of shape
because we aren't throwing lots of long passes.

Obie re-tooled this year's team with speed
especially among our new receivers

so that, even if we stay with our short passing game all game,
because of the breakaway speed of Davis and Arland Bruce

who may take a 15 or 20 yard pass all the way for a TD.

but even if they catch those passes
but don't get any YAC yards on them,

we will win the ball possession game and save
our defence from too much time on the field.

This works well enough for Anthony Calvillo.

As Chris says

"It comes down to what is read, what is covered and what is called.