Davis Sanchez....What a man!

He's donating a 1 week paycheck to Tony Proudfoot for his A.L.S foundation. I almost feel like cheering for Davis and the Lions tomorrow.

Glad to see Davis get some props, he deserves it. A whole bunch of guys around the Als have been part of the foundation raising half a million dollars. :thup:

I saw the video interview on TSN.ca with Sanchez.
A very classy move indeed! :thup:

Did you see the hit he delivered last week on Romby Bryant ? viewtopic.php?f=10&t=59655

that was also a classy move.

I have begun to wonder if Dix is/ is not the corner to replace Sanchez. From the games to date I feel I have not seen a lot things to answer that question. On the other hand by Dix not standing out ,does this mean that he is really doing a good job on the corner/