Davis Sanchez signs with the Lions

Davis is going home :frowning:

Merci Davis...

Good for Davis. It seemed like the only logical fit apart from Montreal. I wish him all the best, except, of course, when we play the Lions. :slight_smile:

I thank him and wish him well in BC,although his best years are behind him.

With our flexibility in our non-import/import ratio,he will be easy to replace; the new player/replacement will/should be better and enable us to save at least $50,000 for this position.

The BC Lions need him more than we do,particularly if they lose Ricky Foley-non-import starter at DE-to the NFL.

Expect announcements from the Als,in the next days; signatures of new players and/or some of our potential free agents.


Was never really a fan of his. Glad to see he got what he wanted and is now playing at home infront of family and friends.

Maybe I`m too old school, or out of touch with the reality of the free agent era, but much as I admired his football abilities, I consider Sanchez a "CFL slut". Everytime he would sign a contract - the Als, Edmonton, Calgary, and now B.C. - he would profess his love for that team and was emphatic that this is where he always wanted to be.

They all do that, some mena it more than others, but when a player can be cut with no compensation at anytime, i will never hold it against them to do what is best for themselves.

Ask any one of our DB's (Quebecers or Americans) who was the glue that held them together last year and they will tell you it was Davis. He's the real deal on and off the field and its a little strange to me sheldon that you would hold his profesionalism against him. Maybe your just a little upset that he's signed with the Lions :wink: I am too but l think like W. These guys have Zero security in the CFL other then their play, so it goes...

Im not questioning Sanchezs ability or how he was as a teammate, I used to love the guy. I also agree that a player is entitled to follow their NFL dreams or have the right to play close to home. But he did this in Calgary and Edmonton also.
Just found him a bit too promiscuous.

Sanchez the hooker ! LOL !

You might be right. But everytime someone gets beat deep, it always seemed like Sanchez went and yelled at the player. I know these guys are professionals, but when I do something to cost the team, the last thing I want is someone coming and giving me an ear full.

Also, sometimes, I found he looked scared to make contact.

Maybe its just me, but I think he is very replaceable.

Sanchez was the leader of the DB, same way you saw Barron Miles do the same with Phillips when he started. Nothing much about that IMO.