Davis Sanchez all Class

I was watching the game Friday night when Davis Sanchez put a hellacious hit on Romby Bryant. As Bryant lay in pain on the ground, some BC Lions tried to celebrate with Sanchez. He waved them off, basically refusing to celebrate when a player was injured.

Sanchez is all CLASS. Too bad he's not a Stampeder.

StampFan (and now Davis Sanchez fan)

I also give a thumbs up for Sachez. :thup:

Woops spelt is name wrong :oops: Thumbs up to Davis Sanchez.

I give a thumbs down to most of Empire field while Passmore was losing blood laying on the sidelines. Everyone was doing the wave and then when the fans directly in front of him wouldn't participate , they booed. Sure , the wave is fun , but there is a time when you don't do it , it's when players are down injured on the field. Maybe I'm just old school , but you won't see that from me.Thumbs up to the west side of the field for showing respect for Passmore and the Lions.

From the east side, you couldn't see a damn thing. No announcement was made about his injury. Most didn't even know somebody was really hurt until the paramedics came out.

too busy partying to pay attention I guess.

stoppage of play
trainors and others from both teams run over to the same spot.
Cart drives over across the field
gurney wheeled out.

how oblivious can people get.

I guess pretty much when you half drunk and not paying attention.

I made no direct inference to yourself, just the crowd in general as has been my experience at most games I have gone to. I was responding to your saying "most" didnt even know.....

I dont know about the wave, but there was still booing heard over the tv long after the cart came out. It was total ignorance. If you want to wear the shoes, up to you, but I didnt say you specifically.

As for your opinion of me, it dont mean squat one way or the other. I just call it as I see it and do not worry about other posters opinion of me. So knock yourself out.

You're bang on fyb. I sit in section 208 in the dead last row and from Oneal Wilsons reaction , you could tell it was serious., he was waving for a trainer immediately. I'm not totally surprised that this happened , Lions fans , other than a select few , aren't the most intelligent fans in the league. These are the same fans that are chanting loudly "let's go Lions" when we are 3rd and goal. I guarantee you wouldn't see this in Regina , Winnipeg , Calgary etc.

Yep, you gotta admit the Saskatchewan fans are head and shoulders above the rest of the country when it comes to intelligence. Only in Saskatchewan do you see them wearing watermelon shells on their heads and throwing full cans of beer at the visiting players! Yessiree, that's what I call "intelligence".

its not about LIONS fans. Fans are basically the same everywhere.