Davis out James in

Not sure I like this move. :thdn:


Chris Davis has played well but had a tough game against the Riders. Drisan James was the Ticats' leading receiver during the pre-season. Davis may have more speed, but James seems to have better hands.

8) Exactly TCTD. They have to look at one of these other receivers to see what they can contribute
 in a starting role, at this point in time  !!!

  Nothing ventured.....nothing gained  !!!

  I trust, and have faith in Marcel's decisions  !!!       <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->  <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Tough break for Davis. I never liked his antics after his first down catches, but the guy won me over with his catching ability and toughness. If the move is based on a few dropped balls, then Stala should be left home also. Drisan James must be quite impressive in practice to bump Davis. Let's hope Marcel is right.

What about Currie? He was said to be the fastest guy on the team and although he was hurt I don't think he went on the 9 game list.

What about Ball?

This guys was lights out in practice and the preseason.

I am afraid that someone will snatch him from our PR.

I thought James looked very good in preseason. Didn't see camp or practices.

Remember also that NFL cuts will be on the way soon, so this may be a move by the Cats to get a good look at James in a game situation before they think about any potential roster shuffling for newcomers.

This could also be intended to light a bit of a fire under Davis, or he may have a minor injury they don't want to disclose.

Let the musical chairs begin.

If the guy was that good he would've been starting to begin with. By the way, preseason means squat.

James, Currie and Ball are all very talented receivers
and they have shown that in practice for two months.

All of them have been consistently catching
nearly every pass thrown near them at practice

Chris Davis left one of them an opening because
he has faltered mentally several times lately.

The only way to find out what any of them can do
in a league game is to give them a chance to play

and Marcel is apparently giving James that chance

I am looking forward to seeing how he does.


The thing that thrills me the most
about the make-up of this year's team

is that, at many of our starter positions,
when one of our starters goes down,

there is very little drop off in talent
when our back-ups fill in for them.

For instance, Dennis Haley filling in for Otis Floyd at MLB

or Khari Jones filling in for Garrett Mc Intyre at DT this week

or was Garrett Mc Intyre filling in for Khari Long? :slight_smile:

Im excited to see what James can do, i watched him in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back and the guy was great. However, i think this is just one of those moves being done to send a message to the guys, so unless James lights it up we'll be seeing Davis back in the starting line-up for Labour Day. Just my theory.

Ron, thanks for the breaking news about Coach Jones coming out of retirement to plat defensive end! With his speed off the edge he should be a monster on the d-line....

I am happy to be of service to you, NSK.

It hope you are still as enthusiastic about the exclusive news
I blessed you with when you see how the Edmonton game unfolds.

I'd like to see Mc Daniel utilized more as a receiver this guy has great hands with speed and moves.

I agree.

Not too sure about this move, but I guess we’ll see. I just want to win. I’m at the point where I don’t care who plays where or when. Just win.


Remember that Cobb was our fourth string running back just a short time ago.

:thdn: Let the revolving door start up again, just as we finally have some chemistry and continuity developing on this team .................

Let's not go nuts here.
Plugging in one reserve rec. to see what he can do (and send a message to other players) doesn't constitute a "revolving door".
Davis doesnt have much to worry about imo. He's a good receiver and Marcel knows it and thats why he was brought here.

While we're at it whats the deal with Airese Curry?
Supposedly the fastest player on the team. No info. no injury update , nothing.

I agree and am curious as well. Anybody who has been at the practices seen or heard anything?

I thought James played very well when he played earlier this year, although it may have been during the pre-season. Maybe Davis needs a little rest, or they could just be sending him the signal that if he doesn’t execute they will give someone else a chance.

It’s nice to have some receivers with enough talent to keep heat on those who are on the team.