davis and butler

just reported on the fan 590 that the argos released rb anthony davis and qb rocky butler

They just traded to get Davis; now they release him? So they gave away Johnson for nothing.

Just like last year, they traded Stokes to Montreal for Karikari and then before training camp they released Karikari.

Who is in charge of making trades over there anyway???

Just watch, they will have enough money now to sign O'Shea.
In the new CFL, there is only so much money to go around

Now we should resign Davis .

Mohns & Rita - they seem out to lunch a lot of the times IMO.

Who cares? It's the blue team...

Exactly, he is a very good back who is still young and familiar with our team.

Why trade for a guy (Anthony Davis)then release him prior to training camp?? The Argos need quality running backs & Davis is just that.

Davis was probably cut because the Argos wanted him to take a paycut.

The Ticats also probably traded Davis because Obie probably thought he was making too much money for a guy who would only see the field after Lumsden and Caulley saw it first.

So I don't think there's room on the Ticat roster (or in the Ticat budget) for Davis any more. Although if they could somehow swing it, I'd love to see him in training camp. Davis is a good back, and I'd rather see him on the roster than an unproven guy like Bagwell.

If Official
MISSISSAUGA (CFL.ca wire) -- The Toronto Argonauts announced on Friday that the club has released import quarterback Rocky Butler and import running back Anthony Davis.

Davis was recently acquired by the Argos in a trade with the Ticats. In two seasons in Hamilton he carried the ball 86 times for 457 yards and one touchdown.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=23473]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=23473[/url]

Pretty Tells Me the Boatmen will take a RB in the draft.

I don't recall seeing many third year imports
who wallow on reserve lists or play back ups
drive to the Tiger Cats practice in a Brinks truck.

You might be right Onknight. The article below says:


"While the Argos finished last season with two imports – John Avery and Robert Edwards – in the backfield, it now appears that one of three Canadians – Jeff Johnson, Andre Durie or Bryan Crawford – will be the second ball carrier and could even wind up as the starter should Ebell falter or suffer an injury."

Maybe they will draft another Canadian to compete with the other three. Kojo Aidoo is also in the mix. It would be great to see another Canadian running back play regularly in the CFL. Hopefully Durie and Johnson have recovered fully from their injuries. Durie was great in the CIS before he got injured at York.

Davis was horrible last year, I don't understand why so many on here think he's so great. Rita must have dumped Murphy to clear cap space or something.

Murphy? Wasn't it Williams who was traded for Davis?

Frank Murphy was traded to Hamilton for Davis. I believe John Williams was traded to Hamilton for a low draft pick in this years draft.

I'll bet you Butler wishes he hadn't wined like a bit*h last year after Training Camp.

Why? He's going to wind up being Saskatchewans starting q.b this year.

More than likely 'or something.'

I don't understand why you would think
a 1st year import who had a few starts

because a first stringer got injured
would carry a big price tag, Drexl.

The SMS is not the bogeyman behind
every trade or released player,

4 or 5 year veteran starters maybe,

not 1st or 2nd year role players.

I get it now.

You're related to Marty York.

I stand corrected; thank you.