Davin Bush

hey guys... i need to know if davin can show any better then he did last year... when he was with you how did sask fans find him? because he kind of looked out of place here. he had a lot of bad luck with injuries this season so im not sure if that effected him when he was in... i also didnt see much of him

so i was wondering if i could get an opinion(please try to make it unbiased, him leaving may have stung but i want the truth) from some die hard fans that have seen him play healthy

i am concerned about this because he does have quite the contract.... just wondering if i should start the cut bush now threads

I was surprised at Bush's play last year...I liked his style in Regina - played hard, played to win, it seemed...last year he was a non-issue...if he can't do better, he'd be best to not do at all...

I liked him. I was kinda not so happy he left for more $$$...

He was probably one of our better DB's the past few seasons here. Really surprised his play dropped off in the Peg.

Hopefully, for his sake, it was injuries :lol:

alright, thanks a lot guys

I think the defensive schema/style of play in Sask is considerablely different then Winnipeg. That and injuries and the rotating backfield had an impact on him.

He will like rebound this year.