David Veikune Highlight tape


Looks like good wheels, good hitter, great intensity. Well worth a good hard look

Eh. Dime a dozen. Can he do all that on a field 65 yards wide? Can he keep up with the smaller, quicker players? Can he play with 20 seconds Inbetween plays?

Glass half full? this can be said about ANY NI coming in, including Chick when he first entered. We know his combine scores look great, and that is a great place to start. And as far as a rush end being a dime a dozen....are you drunk? Hawkins is the best on the team and MIGHT crack top 10 in the CFL if he can stay healthy.

Veikune scored tops in weights, meaning he will likely be a threat on the line, and has potential to draw double teaming. He has huge upside potential.

then why isn't he playing now?

Hawkins btw is likely gonna get cut because he's been injured so often the last two seasons.

i would imagine because he only cleared waivers in September and was trying to land a gig in the NFL...tough spot to be in. When it didn't pan out he sign with the Riders...same as most NFL waivers.

If Hawkins shoulder is okay, I can't see him being cut. he is an impact player when he plays. Hawkins is a FA, and I imagine they can get him at a cut rate with incentives on play.

I've never been completely sold on Hawkins, mostly because he hasn't been able to stay off the injured list. He is no Chick and he is no Jurasin. I need to see him play 18 games first.

His signing was just announced on Nov. 3rd, so he probably hasn't even gotten here yet. I think he is worth a good look, but not until next year's training camp. That's when we find out what he's got.

clearly never said Hawkins was amazing..."MIGHT crack top 10 in the CFL if he can stay healthy." Chick and Jurasin...not many are going to measure up to those caliber of player...they come along very very rarely and generally land in the NFL. If Bobby J was playing now adays he would likely get attention from down south and be gone.

Hawkins did good things while dressed, and like I said, if he can stay healthy is a solid contributor. As for David Veikune, he looks like he has some potential, and I look forward to seeing him play...at least he has seen practice, and has somewhat of an idea of what he will need to focus on for stamina going into training camp...better off than showing up next spring.