david mckoy bad choice for roughriders

roughriders mad a bad choice going with this david mckoy kid. they have enough great receivers and dont need to go with anymore. he will be sent back packing to his home town.

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first hes not big enough or strong enough. hes a tall and lanky kid. he can just run routes but that isnt going to help him when hes being smashed to the ground

Did McKoy beat somebody up in grade school?
As there is 0 logic to the criticisms being made, I assume it must be personal?
At 6'1" and 195 pounds, McKoy is actually a reasonably good sized receiver.
He isn't the biggest guy, but he is also far from being the smallest.
In fact he is about average.
As for strength, at the evaluation camp he was able to do 9 bench presses as opposed to say, Bauman, the 1st pick overall, who only did 2.
As for being training camp fodder, it is not true that the Riders have an overabundance of Canadian receivers.
Fantuz will start.
Jason French needs to get back to where he was 3 years ago, or he might be unemployed after training camp. Corey Grant is a bum...fast, certainly not big and strong as some seem to like, but lazy, and largely ineffective.
After that, who do we have? Ibrahim Tounkara? Give me a break!
That means McKoy is already penciled in to make the team.

Whether he makes it in the pros or not is anybody's guess, but the criticisms being made here are ludicrous.

When you make Redwhite 2005 look like the sane one, you know you're in trouble....

sane I like that Arius and that is my point. This is a young guy with and upside that being his height. Yes the canadian receivers on the riders is well not good. Fantuz has potential but still not yet established himself. This will be the year for the kid. But to pick on McKoy for what? The kid has not even been at training camp yet. What are you a jilted girlfriend?

You can never have enough NI talent.

Even if this Kid isn't CFL ready, every CFL team has one DR spot reserved for a Draft pick, so this guy might spend year 1 on the DR and next year move to the active roster.

He should not be expected to start in year 1, if he breaks onto the Dressed roster that would be huge, if he is even going to be in Riders camp this year, he has 1 more year of CIS eligibility no?
why not wait and let him play that 5th year where he should start so he can come to the Riders 2008 camp stronger/more experienced.

Since when is Size always needed?
Bombers have Arjie Franklin who is like 5'08 or 5'09 and 180 lbs(someone check to see how much I was off) and he had a pretty good first season, why? Because he's agile and not afraid to fight for the ball.

Speed/Agility/Strength are great. but the biggest thing for a Receiver is fighting for the ball, after that having a good combo of 2 of the major assets(speed/strength and agility)

Also for height, it doesn't matter if he's short if he has a 36 inch vertical.(not saying this guy does)
If a guy can jump up that high to fight for the ball.

Although even for all that, something else is needed, HANDS!
There is a certain NI receiver with speed, strength and all else needed, except he can't catch. He's over in Hamilton or last was.
Buy why does Size matter so much as a Receiver in the CFL?
there are so many under 5'10 under 190 lbs DBs that being a huge WR/SB doesn't even matter.

And here is the scouting report on the kid:

What makes this player stand out on the field?

"Physically dominant (size/speed)...tough.
..great hands and a great route runner...strong character."

I guess pro scouts don't know squat....

Anyway, I think its 987654321 and you're out.....

By all accounts, this kid was the steal of the draft. The Riders did not expect him to be there when they made their pick. Arius' post on the scouting report contradicts what you have been saying about him, 13456789(you should have picked 0 for a name , it suits you better). I will definitely take the scouts' word over yours-- sounds like some sour grapes on your part, so Im wondering if you are a receiver who wasnt picked last Wednesday.