David Lettermans top 10

David Lettermans top 10 excuses the Riders will have for losing the 2007 WF.

Here we go
10–Alarm didnt go off and arrived 10 minutes before kickoff.
9–Still laughing at all the posts by Turkeybend on this forum during the week.
8–Upset that Gainer the gopher had no holes to crawl into at BC Place.
7–Didnt know how to prepare for 3 different quarterbacks.
6–The lights inside the stadium were too bright.
5–Were not used to playing at sea level.
4–Over inflated footballs.
3–Got food poisoning on the plane from the flight from Regina.
2–Upset that Dennis Learys a BC Lions fan.
And the number 1 excuse the Riders will have for losing the 2007 WF…Canned crowd noise.
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Heres some more...

  1. The team horse and buggy couldn't make it over the mountain passes.

  2. The most recent 'save the riders' quilting bee didn't raise enough money to get the team travel funds.

  3. Tillman runs on to the field in a ranting and raving spectacle about Murphy and Rasouli.

  4. Geroy catches 4 touchdowns deep in coverage.

  5. Joe Smith can't be stopped and mows over the three little piggies all game long.

  6. A watermelon falls off some dumb drunk adolecent Riders' fan's head and Joseph slips on it and breaks his ankle.

  7. McCallum hits a last second field goal revenging the cow manure incident.

8) The canned noise is too much and the Riders take 15 illegal procedure peanlties.
  1. Dumb, drunk adolecent Riders fans streak the field and in the process Joseph is run over by security guards and breaks his ankle.

  2. The Lions win fair and sqaure and Riders fans pine for another year about winning a big game.

Wow. Wit is completely foreign to B.C. fans...

Just like good hygiene and teeth are foreign to...

whoa! Almost SM'ed myself there.

Yup. There's zero wit here... just canned noise. Leave the har-har gobble-gobbley-gook to Turkey. He has at least 10 times the wit than in here.

I actually thought BobbyP's were pretty good. Swervin still hasn't figured out how to talk trash or jest. Maybe once he grows up he will do better. :slight_smile:

lame lame lame

Actually not bad you guys- entertaining smack is good for the soul.
Be Prepared for Sunday's fall from Grace Lions fans. Good luck to both teams - hope it is a great game for fans and a nail-biter. Wouldn't that be cool!!!

rider pride nation wide

You too Turkey!

Rider Pride very sad nation wide

You know this would have almost been good, if your number 9 and number 6 were the same thought. Then again, since smith has only been adequate in the three games against Sask this year, i guess you don't have much imagination.

I mean, you could have used

"The riders got caught up in all the extra things to do in Vancouver that they missed the game"

or how about

"The riders got lost in mountians on the way to the game, since they are used to seeing their dogs run away for three days."

but what can we expect...the same old horse and buggy joke from 25 threads ago.

I came up with BCs just in case someone got too bent out of shape but Ill do that one later there quite funny actually better I think.

Ok since I did a top ten on Lions fans I might as well do one on Sask Fans and team as well.

Top ten reasons Riders will lose on Sunday.

  1. Stuck at the Boarder trying to find good deals in Bellingham.

  2. No team support as Rider Fans are still begging for change on Granville street to buy their Tickets.

  3. Not used to seeing Cheerleaders with their Legs shaved.

  4. Forgot about the Game because they were totally amazed by the Banjo player on Robson Street.

  5. O-line went to the Zoo and fell in love with a heard of Goats.

  6. Distracted by all the Cute guys in the Stands.

  7. Joseph was to tired because he was playing with his Inflatable Party Sheep all night long.

  8. Guy with the fire comming out of his head burnt down the team bus.

9.Thought the Stanley Park Train would take them to the Dome.

10.Tillman spent to much time cuddling with the Defence.

How about " Got lost in the Dome trying to find their way onto the playing field" or "Had the lead at the end of the first half and left thinking that the game was over."

Okay as a Rider fan I have to say the winner is Oilerrocker!!!!!! I really liked the third reason.........its funny cause it just maybe true :wink:

Thats a shot madmaxxx.