David Hyland signs

according to Drew Edwards and David Hyland on twitter (hylander37)



DB David Hyland has signed with the #Ticats, according to the Twitterverse (and David Hyland) #CFL #BCLions
This from the Twitter account of defensive back David Hyland (@hylander37): "getting settled in Hamilton....bout to get a good nights rest tonight and get to work in AM..blessed 2 have this opportunity, God is good"

Hyland was cut in B.C. after they signed... wait for it... Jerome Dennis. Of course he was. At six-feet, 194, Hyland fits the bigger is better mold that Chamblin and the Ticats have been chasing. And Carlos Thomas may still be recovering from his appendectomy.

A report, including some video, on Hyland after he was signed by BC in September of last year:

[url=http://simmonsmattressgallery.ca/mattress-blog/2010/10/a-new-hope-david-hyland/]http://simmonsmattressgallery.ca/mattre ... id-hyland/[/url]

Nice signing, better is better. :smiley: