David Foucault

Foucault attend une meilleure offre des Alouettes et espère toujours avoir une opportunité dans la NFL. Ses attentes ont cependant changé et il semble (sans le dire) plus rechercher un poste qui le mettra sur le terrain.

Je pense qu'il n'a rien à perdre à étirer les discussions avec les Alouettes, mais un moment donné, ses chances de voir le jeu vont diminuer. Il a tout de même déjà 28 ans. Il devra réfléchir à l'opportunité qu'il a avec les Alouettes, où les 2 postes de plaqueurs sont ouverts­.


After reading this there is no doubt in my mind that Foucault will be in an Als uniform by training camp.


Everyone, except jerks like you. :wink:

I guess I must have hit a sore spot considering your well thought out response. No different from posting remarks in French on an English website. Carry on brain wave....................

The remarks in French relate to CFL football, and you can very easily choose to scroll by them. Your trolling just points out your small mind and bigotry. And the sad part is you probably don`t realize it.

Ce n'est pas différent en effet. La question est davantage l'intention derrière le fait, et je ne vois pas en quoi votre message en chinois se rapporte au football canadien. Lorsque j'écris sur le forum de l'équipe de Hamilton, ce n'est pas pour faire comme les disciples du Trumpistan. C'est pour parler de football canadien. Je vous invite à faire de même.

He won't be around very long. We haven't punted anyone this off season yet.

Human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should be treated in a spirit of brotherhood. or so Google Translate says

So, DF is going to sign???????

He is at an age where he will be competing with younger OTs from the NCAA, this certainly is evident in his response to date. If the Als make as reasonable offer I expect he will join our team. Our OL is definitely on the mend and, will be fortified with US talent. Add Foucault to the mix and we will have a strong OL for this season.

The prime of an OT is 28 to 31. I'm not sure if Foucault understands the Als can hold his rights for two years. That would make him a 30 year old rookie at a position where guys retire at 32 on average.

He won't be around very long. We haven't punted anyone this off season yet. Your pretty sure of yourself Halifax. Just as anyone else is free to post in their official language, I am free to post as well. As far as punting anyone off this season, NFL not ^&^&** likely. We are all due the same respect even though you and some others don't think so. Making snide remarks about a stadium as an example only makes me believe the comments originate from your parent's basement. Remember be respectful and do not make personal attacks.


Huge difference between LeStaf posting in his first language, French, because it's how he can best express himself, and some troll coming in here and deliberately posting in a language that is not one of Canada's official languages, ALL THE WHILE being a native English speaker himself. That's pure trolling and bigotry in action. Happily, all this makes it real easy for me to add schmenger to my Foe list and proceed on my merry way.

As for Foucault, yeah, I hope he smartens up. As Hfx said, he's wasting his prime years if he holds out and he has no leverage.

Une chose de plus. Essayer de parler dans un environment où la language principale n'est pas ta langue maternelle, c'est pas facile. Ca prend du courage. Certain des gens ici qui ne parle que l'anglais ont évidemment aucune idée. Imagine si quelqu'un t'empeche a parler parce qu'il veut simplement pas clicker le URL qui apparait en bas de chacun de tes messages. Ici au Canada, on a deux langues officielles: l'anglais et le français. Ca m'étonne, franchement, de voir ce attitude tellement borné, tellement plein de préjugés. Heureusement, la plupart des partisans des Tiger-Cats ne sont pas si fanatique.

En passant, le paragraph que je viens d'écrire m'a pri ben beaucoup de temps a composer ... and that's why I post in English, for the most part, because it's my first language. Walk a mile in someone's shoes...

CFL News? @CFL_News 3m3 minutes ago
OL David Foucault wants a better deal from #AlsMTL

[url=http://www.rds.ca/videos/football/nfl/foucault-demeure-realiste-3.1220051]http://www.rds.ca/videos/football/nfl/f ... -3.1220051[/url]


Rookie salary in the CFL is around 55k. Foucault was offered 95k to come in and prove himself and that's a fair offer and inline with what JSJ was given last year as a first overall pick ! Agents trying to start guys off at 130 to 150k is not helping Foucault. Why should Foucault be paid more than Gagnon, Matte ??? How do you build a locker room by doing that.?

If he wants to sit, let him sit. If an opportunity to trade him comes along than do it but who's going to pay market value (first round pick) for a 28 year old who wants to be overpaid by 50 percent ??? Sit Booboo.

Vous seriez grandi de prêcher par l'exemple.

I would love the ability to write and speak both languages. AS a young student in Montreal I started learning French in grade three. However, this exercise was limited to studying the structure of the French language and, my French speaking is poor. Imagine, I studied French for years and years but this did not give me the ability to speak this language. I lived in the vicinity of LaF ontaine Park and the French speaking friends I made came about by a group of Alouette youngster fans who I met by throwing a football around in the Park.We students mostly graduated without the ability to speak nor write French. In those days their was no immersion as exists today. In Niagara French immersion is available if requested. Welland, another Niagara city, has a French population also with an immersion available. My two sons who live in Calgary are taking the immersion method and, enjoy this. Since the days of Pierre Trudeau, who was the person to move our country towards this duality of language. Canada has some official person responsible for this and, I hope one day to write him and tell him of our dual language football Forum. If Pierre were alive he would be most proud of his role in developing our duality. I lived in Montreal and enjoyed life in this wonderful city until 1970 ( Als won Grey Cup) ) when I moved to Niagara. I believe that, as nation, our language is both languages. I know it works. There are always bigots who do not support such but, as I travel to the West, I do believe that most citizens welcome this reality. Their is only one rotten barrel in the pile.