David Foucault to make the Panthers.

The upcoming NFL draft should provide a clue to Foucaults staying with panthers. This team has a demonstrated weakness at LT ( offense ) and, I would believe that they might bring in some recruits from the NCAA. Fourcault did get some play at the end of last season and, didn't show too well- he was certainly beaten up in one of the games. I would not be surprised if F winds up with the Als in the not too distant future.

Excellent point! :thup: :thup:

It would depend on who they may bring in to compete with him and how much improvement he has shown by the end of training camp. Boy if Montreal can get him back after NFL TC. They may want to lock him in with a salary that may lucrative. With the Cap it they could place him on the 6 game for the rest of the season and break him out fresh for the 2016 season