David Foucault to make the Panthers.

Incredible how quickly he's climbed his way up. :thup:

I wish him well, but it may also be a sign of the ;lack of depth on the Panthers that he starts so soon. Hope he doesn't get "lit up". A bit weird, I want him to do well and develop but not so well that he sticks around ion the NFL. :?

For Vaugn who played 4 seasons with Cargers
Miami in 2013 but was released well before season's.
2014 nothing yet. waiting out this season would be likely to sign with the Als.

Blake looks like he will be in the NFL for a couple of seasons more at least.

They are both free agents. At this point with less than 30 days left in the season, should they want to play in the CFL. Popp might as well wait till the season is over and get at least a minimum of two seasons out of them. I doubt Martin will ever play in the CFL. He made fairly serious money, he can move on to something else if he wants to.

Another Als pick that is doing really well is Tyrone Crawford

[url=http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/dallas-cowboys/headlines/20141017-marinelli-strikes-again-why-cowboys-dt-tyrone-crawford-is-cinderall-man.ece]http://www.dallasnews.com/sports/dallas ... ll-man.ece[/url]

Hoping we can get Blake back at some point. Martin seems like a bit more of a long shot but you never know. He might get the urge to play football or at least play out his pro career. Once you turn the page on football, you're done, and these guys have spent a LOT of time devoting themselves to the game...

Last I read he was living in South Florida and had some interest by the Titans in August. He's probably hoping that he gets a call if a team takes enough injuries at his position. If we don't see him at camp next spring he will likely hang them up.

Martin was a high profile NFL guy and did make a lot of $$$. Still he has been without a team for a year in a half and his previous $$$ and Years in the NFL has allowed this. Unless he is not fully recovered and healthy he won't be making the big NFL bucks but the cap is up and he can make some decent coin to finish out his career.

Blake is hard to tell. He has not made the big bucks and after being a PR guy in '13 and has yet to land anything so far in '14 he may very well ready to join the Als. Kind of short for an OT but he did play some RT at Baylor. Matte and Bomben have fit in nicely and with so many injuries the chance to have a 6th Olineman paid as well could be a sign of future for pro football teams. You have your 5 man Unit and a 6th guy who can be just as good. We are seeing a whole heck of a lot more of 6 true Olineman in on a regular basis. Replacing National RT within the group of the 5 plus Blake would be doable but LT is a tougher deal.

There was a really dood chance that Crawford could be Vaughn like in the NFL and so far he is.
I think Foucoult really caught them off guard but he has not really played yet so we will see.
Getting Blake and Martin for next season would be huge impact players.

Look what Holmes has been able to do for Toronto

Yeah, the Als have been doing the 6-O-line deal for a few years now. White fills that role currently, but in the past it has been filled by Matte, Bomben, and Seagraves. The offensive line is too crucial to the success of your offence to take chances with.

Tuned in for the last 6 seconds of the first half, but the panel (ESPN?) at halftime were noting that Newton's poor play seemed to come from a lack of confidence in the undrafted rookies on the left side off his line. One replay showed the right DE running around Foucalt, getting Newton from behind and stripping the ball. New Orleans defence is ranked #2 against the pass, so not an easy introduction to starting in the NFL.

A rookie being thrown in at LT would be tough for anyone and apparently Foucault struggled. From the Charlotte Observer:

"There's also the issue of the offensive line. Ravaged by injuries, the Panthers trotted out undrafted rookie David Foucault to protect Newton's blind side. Foucault was responsible for three of the four sacks the Panthers gave up, including when Newton fumbled on a sack inside the Panthers' 5.No one would say it, but it was clear Newton didn't trust the line. Several times one of his linemen ended up in his lap just as he was getting rid of the ball."

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/10/31/ ... rylink=cpy

Selfishly I want him to not succeed in the NFL and return to the Als, but from everything I read he's a good kid so I do wish him well.

Football is a crazy world sometimes. Here is Foucault starting at LT in the NFL. The Als obviously have a much better National LT. Even if the Als were ravaged by injuries on the Oline I would doubt that they would ever have trotted him out at LT this season. Really unfair for him to be put into that position.

NO defense is no joke, this was a stiff test. He wasn't going to be a dominant Tackle at his first game. But the best way to get better is to play. It will make him or break him.

Ça pourrait arriver plus vite qu'on pense. Foucault n'est pas américain.

Well Foucault and the underdog Panthers won their playoff game against Arizona ! How cool is that for the rookie.

For the Panthers the LT OL spot was an area of concern before the season. Fourcault's play was limited to 5 games this season and yesterdays weakness yesterday, would indicate that this Panther weakness on the OL is still an area of concern. I would think that due to this situation the Panthers will likely look for an OT in the next draft. In addition, is there any more info on Phil Blake or Vaughn Martin's desire to play with our Als. We already have a very good OL group although some DL strength would be OK.

:thup: Unlike other sports like basketball, baseball, Hockey. There is a very limited pool of players outside the US. playing at the university/amauter level to draft or one of many rookie FA's. US schools Prep, JC, NCAA, NAIA, have been doing it for some time. Now the NFL has added the CIS close to 30 schools to there scouting grounds.

Also the emergence of NFL regional Combines has also gotten more players a chance at a closer look.
32 teams now. expanded TC rosters to 90, 53 roster spots and 10 PR spots to also fill with the best possible players

This is from a Feb. 10 Q & A from a staff writer on the Panthers website:

How do you feel about David Foucault, and do you think he'll have a place on 2015 roster? – Pierre in Montreal

The Panthers knew the 6-8, 305-pounder from the University of Montreal would be a project, but they also believed enough in his potential to keep him on the roster throughout 2014 as opposed to exposing him to other teams on the practice squad. Foucault got some snaps in four of the Panthers' first eight games, then injuries forced him into the starting lineup at left tackle Week 9 versus New Orleans. He struggled at times in that game, and with others getting healthy and emerging, Foucault didn't play the rest of the season.

Foucault's future is up in the air, but the fact that the Panthers never tried to move him to the practice squad after it became obvious he was best served by watching and learning indicates a continued level of belief in his potential. Foucault is an eager student of the game, and I suspect he'll do everything in his power this offseason to put himself in positon to compete for a roster spot in 2015.

Merci Sheldon1 :thup: :thup: