David Foucault to make the Panthers.

Looks like Foucault has worked himself on the second unit of the Carolina Panthers ! Congratulations that's quite a feat from an undrafted CIS grad.

[url=http://www.rds.ca/football/nfl/foucault-compliment%C3%A9-par-rivera-1.1332060]http://www.rds.ca/football/nfl/foucault ... -1.1332060[/url]

Congratulations to Foucault for making the Panthers roster. They apparently wanted to release him and then add him to the practice roster but were afraid they would lose him to another team. They still consider him a work in progress.

Michael Ola has made the Bears.

Philip Blake was cut by the Cardinals. I don`t think he is eligible for a practice roster spot.

And Vaughn Martin still out there as a free agent , probably still hoping for an NFL call.

Chris Matthews has been cut by the Seahawks but should he choose to rejoin the CFL, Desjardins in Ott. will probably make him a ridiculously high offer like he did Dressler.

DE Michael Sam who is on the Als neg. list has been released by the Rams. There might not be room for him on the Rams practice roster, but he could be picked up by another NFL team.

Sam felt very confident that some team would pick him up. He would certainly address a need opposite of Bowman and if he's good enough could follow in Wake's footsteps and return to the NFL.

I'm still hopeful Martin and Blake will be in an Als uniform if not this season in camp next year.

Thanks for the info. Having just one of there would be helpful.

C/G Philip Blake has been added to the Arizona Cardinals practice squad/roster.


CORRECTION: Wrong date.


They will keep one of Blake who is 28 or Steen who is 24 but Blake can also play Center. In any case it is his last year of pr eligibility.

Blake is eligible, but the Cardinals announced 6 of their player cuts to the practice roster and so far he wasn`t one of them.

And if someone can understand the NFL practice roster rules you are a better man than me Charlie Brown.


The NFL and NFLPA agreed to some practice squads eligibility changes.

First, a player must have a minimum of six games – up from the current three games – on a Practice Squad in order for that season to count as one of the player’s three permissible seasons of Practice Squad service.

Second, each club will be permitted to sign a maximum of two Practice Squad players who have earned no more than two accrued seasons of free agency credit. Absent this exception, a player who has earned one or more accrued seasons would not be eligible for a Practice Squad unless the player spent fewer than nine games on a club’s 46-player active list in each of his accrued seasons.

All other practice squad rules under Article 33 of the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement will remain in effect during the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

(Article 33: The Practice Squad shall consist of the following players, provided that they have not served more than two previous seasons on a Practice Squad: (i) players who do not have an Accrued Season of NFL experience; and (ii) free agent players who were on the Active List for fewer than nine regular season games during their only Accrued Season(s). An otherwise eligible player may be a Practice Squad player for a third season only if the Club by which he is employed that season has at least 53 players on its Active/Inactive List during the entire period of his employment.)

We will know soon.

Herb`s report on the Blake dossier:

Meanwhile, there’s a possibility offensive-lineman Philip Blake, the Als’ third-round (23rd overall) draft choice in 2011, could be coming to Montreal.

Blake, who played collegiately at Baylor, was recently released by the Arizona Cardinals. Popp has had contact with Blake’s new CFL agent, and some preliminary discussions have taken place – although it hasn’t reached the negotiation phase. But the agent asked Popp whether the Als were interested, potentially an encouraging sign.

Ce serait un bon moment pour amener un gars comme Blake à Montréal. Il ajouterait de la polyvalence à la ligne offensive et renforcerait une unité où les Alouettes ont besoin de profondeur présentement.

J'aimreais voir ce que Vaughn Martin pourrait apporter à notre ligne défensive, mais je trouve qu'il a été passablement éprouvé. Je crains qu'il ne soit sujet à être blessé.

Does Blake play tackle or guard? If the former, I'd be very excited at the possibility of him in an Als uni. Neither Bourke nor Perrett is getting any younger and we have no one proven to replace them when they eventually retire.

He's a primo hole opening center who can play guard as well.

That's a good skill set too. Good centers are not easy to find. We lucked out with LBJ but it would be nice to have someone to replace him in the pipeline.

On a side note, anyone else want to step up and give Kris Sweet some recognition? The offence has been in an impossible situation this year, with the QB shuffle and the OC chaos, but the O-line has, by and large, done a solid job both of pass-blocking and run-blocking. Matte seems to be doing fine at left guard. I didn't think Sweet would have staying power, but the line seems to be buying what he's selling.

Blake gives the Als a lot of options and fixes our depth problem on the oline. Or if they feel like Blake would be too expensive a backup, they have the option of trading him or any of our inside olinesmen. A guy like Blake or Jourdain would bring a first round draft pick back, maybe more.

Indeed. Perhaps a trade to get us some DT help?

Logical partner would be Hamilton.

Je trouve que Sweet a fait un travail honnête depuis le début de la saison et qu'il semble commencer à faire mieux encore avec son unité. Depuis quelques parties, malgré les défaites, on sent plus de cohésion au sein de la ligne offensive, une meilleure communication, une protection plus constante.

Je crois que la ligne a moins bien paru avec Smith aux commandes, mais pour lui faire justice, je trouve que Smith n'avait pas le recul nécessaire pour faciliter le travail de ses protecteurs. Crompton recule beaucoup plus loin que lui, ce qui lui permet d'acheter du temps et aide ses joueurs à le protéger.

Je ne sais pas quelle part dans tout ça est attribuable à Sweet, et le prochain vrai test viendra contre les Eskimos, mais je trouve que la progression du travail de la ligne offensive montre que cette unité a trimé dur pour s'améliorer. S'il fallait garder un seul entraîneur à l'attaque parmi ceux qui y étaient au début de la saison, Sweet est celui que je garderais.

Good looking out. I was wondering how Thigpen was able to sign a to a PR roster spot. Second rule explains this nicely as to how he is eligible after two seasons on the Dolphins roster.

Due to an injury he will be starting at LT against the Saints tomorrow night.