David Dixon

I was at the game last night and was staying at the same hotel as the Ticats. After the game we were in the bar and some of the Ticats were coming in. I still had my Ticat hat on and David Dixon noticed and came over. He appologized for the loss and chatted with us for a few minutes. This is one class individual! He showed that he cared about the team and it's fans. I justed wanted to say thanks David and I hope we see you back next year. We need more Ticats with heart and pride in their performance.

Keep your heads up boys, the best thing about sports is that there is always next year. The true fans are with you, don't listen to the whiners!

And to think he's only 21 years old.

Dixon took a stupid penalty against the Bombers a week ago - under the Lancaster regime he would be tarred and feathered - let’s hope Desjardins recognizes his talent and invites him back for camp in 2007 - the guy is a stud

You took the words right out of my mouth CK. I've been very impressed with this kid and this story just cements my respect for him. We had a similar experience with James Cotton at a Cat's on Cable taping. It nice that these guys care enough about fans to do this. Especially after some fans have ripped them apart on here and boo'd them off the field.

At the bar again! Is that all these guys do after a loss? I hope the next coach who comes to town will put an end to this after a loss they should be in bed by 11pm kerfew!

Last game of the season. I'm pretty sure they can go to the bar whenever they want now.

agreed, let them drink up its bin a long season for them. and us too, althought i started my drinkin when we went 4-0..

4-0? You've been drinking a LONG time then. :lol:

Mike McCarthy Knows Tallent...
Let hope Mike digs up some More young Tallent

OK Dad!

Dave Dixon is a good looking LB , maybe he can take over for Armour who I like but man did he take alot of selfish penaltys this season !!!!