David Dixon (new linebacker)

It says on his profile he was born in 1985! Pretty young. What do we know about him?

sweet merciful twinkies, thats younger than me.

I don't know anything about him, except that his age depresses me :smiley:

Finally, someone my age is on the team, someone I can relate to...

I saw a scouting report on him in a NFL mag. a while ago...they said he had great speed but was a little raw, but they expected, at that time, he would make the 49's for special teams.
He could be a good CFLer.

I thought your old profile said you were 65?

Yeah, but I FEEL, like I'm 21.

We need some young players.

Why does everyone believe you need pro experience to be a decent player. Cats have lots of players with pro ball experience and what have they done.

Bring in twenty four 21 year olds and let them play.