David Braley should be fined

Tom Wright shouldn't let that jack a$$ Braley get away with the comments he made to that Vancouver radio station yesterday. Who does this guy think he is? Wright is the commissioner and was very deserving of a 2-year extension. He didn't get it, but decided to stay on anyway FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE LEAGUE. Braley clearly couldn't care less about anyone other than himself and his team. He does whatever the hell he wants and doesn't think he needs to worry about anything or answer to anyone.

If this league is going to survive long-term, the commissioner has to have REAL control over the league's teams. The CFL CAN'T survive without a salary cap of some kind. It just won't work.

How dare he be able to speak in such a way about the commissioner so openly. Braley should be fined for his comments and lack of respect shown for the commissioner.

It's time to put the league back into the hands of the league office.

........what did he say?........

yes, what?

His quotes are in this story:


i dont think thats fine worthy, just disrespectful

He prob wouldn't pay anyway.

That's exactly the point. You don't hear owners and GMs in other leagues talk about their commissioners in that way.

I know guys like Braley and Campbell have got away with crap like that for years, but it's time to put an end to it. The commish deserves better. "Just disrespectful" should never be associated with any comment made publicly by an owner about his commissioner.

Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion a bit, but it is comments like this - or the fact that owners think its OK to make comments like this public - that make the league look splintered and disorganized. These guys have to find a way to work together in some capacity. Maybe its too much to ask, but it really shouldn't be.

Braley should look in the mirror...Wasn't he the acting commisioner and one of the 9 owners that hired Wright?

I think Braley is pretty dumb for criticizing the Commissioner. His President, Bobby Ackles, is all over calling for continuity and saying he has done a good job. Wally, the GM also said continuity was good. Go figure.

What makes me wonder about the commish is why would he take a one year renewal unless there was no payout coming to him. That puts him in a lame duck position where no one has to listen to him including potential sponsors signing - unless he is not doing anything there.

The last thing the CFL needs is off field crap going on where the focus is off the football, the teams and the players.

It is bad enough that most of the sports talk guys in BC can only talk hockey even though there has been no games for an entire season and yet they still rant on and on. Dan Russell is one of the worst. You can leave BC Place (last season) and walk to the car and find him on hockey talk and then break to go to the game and before I can hit the door step it's 'what about them 'nucks' again.

Wright himself said the focus has to be on the teams and players not him.

I agree Braley is way off base and should be heavily fined. That's OK. In seeing the other TV clips from yesterday and reading the various papers, the influential owners in Toronto & Calgary, while the team Presidents in B.C., Montreal and Winnipeg, all stated how TW was doing a great job and would be back for a longer term past 06. Plus, the big TV sponsors also had their say and threatened to pull out if the Commish was not resigned.

You guys have blown it beyond out of proportion. This thread is rediculous . Braley isn't fond of Wright , so what? He stated his opinion , so what? The things being said about Braley here are stupid, the guy is one of the backbones of the CFL . And he cares about far more than just the Lions. He's poured millions into the team for years when it was losing money and he used to do the same for the Ti-Cats.And he's not even from BC. If Every team had an owner like him , there wouldn't be any problems in the League.

pennw: I don't agree that Braley should be fined. On this issue he is plain wrong. If you heard his comments they do nothing but undermine anyone's confidence in him including the fans paying the tickets sold by the Braley's. Yes, he has done a great thing for the CFL and BC but on this one he is wrong and he owes Wright a huge apology for his inappropriate comments on the radio yesterday.

Braley runs a business and I am sure that he expects that when a decision is made everyone including those opposed works to make it happen. The option is there for the person to quit if they can't agree with decisions or the dishonest just bitch. I think Braley should apply that same standard here and leave the criticisms of the Commissioner in the board room where it belongs.