David Braley on Ricky!

Man oh Man .... David never lets "Turd" down!!!

Braley claims Lions would NOT have signed Ricky Williams …. for the ?suspension? reasons. Far enough …. but then he blurted out that (the Lions) would not do it for “family reasons? !!!!

Oh Man …. whatta Bozo!!! Just because you hold ‘training camp’ up in the BC Bible belt …. does not mean your fans have to ‘thump the same drivel’!

Obviously David has not “witnessed the air? outside the Dump at halftime at Lion’s games.

Braley also suggested that Williams will “sell less than 1000 ducats? when the Argos visit BC Place on June 30 …. Really? I’d say more like 10,000 what wth Gumby and Ricky getting the hype machine cranked!

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Calgary coach Tom Higgins said that the CFL shoud honour the suspension that the NFL imposed-- and I agree with him 100%!

Thankfully , the CFL is not the NFL and we are in another country . TOM however , is going to change the rules for next year.

If he still has a job , and that will depend on B.C. , EDMONTON HAMILTON and MONTREAL. :wink:

Has anyone noticed increased CFL coverage on the sports channels even with the Stanley Cup going on? I was glad to see baseball highlights take a backseat to the CFL last night. They didn't just talk about Ricky Williams, they covered other CFL news and training camps etc.

The CFL will be available to 70 million US homes and this is before the Rickey Williams signing. Interest will continue to grow and the CFL has never had this much exposure. We even have a new website. This will be a great great year for the CFL.

I sure have .... the Score has had CFL stuff all day today

:thup: = The Score!

Ted Hellard has come out and stated this has to be stopped. The CFL commissioner in Winnipeg for a ggolf tourney has come out with a statment saying this will indeed be looked after. So my feeling it is just not BC and Calgary that have complained. Look for that fix ( for all the WEED Williams fans ) to happen for 2007.

I agree 100% Sambo. "Earl" in another thread stated that we shouldn't bash the nfl and he hopes the nfl does more to promote the CFL. Well...it works both ways. The CFL should honor nfl policies. If "they" think someone shouldn't be playing pro Football in their league then isn't the CFL kind of stepping on toes by letting them go north?

If "they" think someone shouldn't be playing pro Football in their league then isn't the CFL kind of stepping on toes by letting them go north?
The NFL allowed Williams to play here. They had to get permission from the Dolphins to sign him , since RW was still under contract to them. So it's inaccurate to imply they went against the NFL in this case.

Sorry but the NFL did not give permission they have nothing to do with it. Weeds contract is with Miami. They only needed permission for them not the NFL.

It also shows how little the dolphins or the nfl think of the CFL. "We can't have RW doing what he does in "our" league, but yeah!...let him go to Canada won't do any harm to us up there!

Not sure you are right on this 'rw2005'

Did not the CFL (Wright) not ask Tagliabue for his views?

I don't know ... but I think he did

Tagliabue says it's between the Dolpins and the Argos, so rw2005 is right: the NFL did not give permission. There was a discussion between him and Wright, but both agreed they'd stay out of it.

I think the two leagues should come to an agreement where we won't sign players suspended by the other league. Wright may win Braley over with this policy, if DB is being truthful in his stated opinion of the Williams controversy.

One hurdle to this agreement is the effect such an agreement will have on the option-year window-of-opportunity arrangement between the two leagues. A team could technically suspend a player who is entering his option year until the window of opportunity closes, preventing him from signing in the NFL.

Yes allot more , And ESPN CLASSICS on TSN had 3 classic CFL games today. :thup:

The NFL didn't say NO either.

:thup: They could have.

TOM WRIGHT , may not have a job next year , because of the owners in HAMILTON , B.C. , EDMONTON MONTREAL. All of those teams voted against a salary cap.

So , if TOM has no job , any changes will have to come from a new commish.

And with the hypocrical owners in MONTREAL , B.C. , HAMILTON and EDMONTON , who would want to be a puppet CFL Commish? :roll:

Why do we need their respect anyways? Honestly, what has the NFL done for the CFL? I think a little cash was thrown our way a few years ago, but thats it. To them, we are a farm league. When a star emerges, they sign them to a contract and our league is poorer for it.


Some wise man once said "there is no such thing as bad publicity". So the signing has been great. And it will be a feather in the cap of any team (and by extension the entire league) that is able to do what Hamilton did in the first exhibition game.

But if the hypocrites want a rule to honour NFL suspensions, go ahead and get one in place for next year. Its too late to do anything about it this year so quit the sanctimonious whining about Williams. There have been players up here that have done alot worse and nobody says squat. If they really are concerned about image, when they make the new rule, maybe they could also agree not to sign any criminals.