David Braley Named Senator, Resigns From Pan Am Board

Hamilton business man David Braley appointed by the PM to the senate. Couldn't happen to a better man!!!

Well deserved!

[url=http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cbc-article.aspx?cp-documentid=24305135]http://news.ca.msn.com/top-stories/cbc- ... d=24305135[/url]


your all doomed now .... conflicts of interests are going to start popping up now

How Pies this this man need his hand in ???

Holly Jump Jimmany Senator Member of CFL Board of Governors Businessman Charity Giver

Maybe the next owner of the Ticats too ?

so He can own BC Toronto Hamilton (one Again)

Like i said watch that guy …the term “conflict of interest” will be popping up soon … and they way people crawl at his feet he will probably not even hide it

The Saying Watch for Snakes in Grass meaning anything to anyone

Good for him!!! I know that some of you very ignorant critics talking about "snake in the grass" etc are just jealous of successful people. Good for him and the country.

What can be more "Canadian" then owning 2 CFL franchises and knowing he's going to lose millions every year. We should be saying thankyou David for saving the CFL and being a "True Canadian" hero

A Hamilton business man who has worked hard, started with nothing. I wish we could have more Sentaors like him, successful business men and not ex-politictions or lawyers!!

Congrats Dave!

X2 :thup: :thup:


...the prime minister said Braley "has shown

a commitment to both his community and his country

through his involvement in sport and philanthropy."

David Braley has given millions to numerous charities and hospitals,
in Hamilton as well as his alma mater McMaster University.

He deserves this appointment and his voice
in the senate will be straight to the point.

Congratulation to Mr. Braley very kind man, I was hoping he would help solve our stadium dilemma :thup:

Great appointment regardless of the political overtones.
Canada could use a few more business/philanthopists like him. :thup:

Yes, for someone who was adamantly against appointing senators while in opposition mr..Harper has now appointed 33 of them. Yet some more hypocrisy from the PMO. At least this one is a CFL supporter I suppose.

Another Westdale boy makes good! :thup:

Congratulations to Mr. Braley. If more business people got involved in politics we wouldn't have messes like the stadium fiasco.

Why would anyone call Mr. Braley a snake or accuse hime of conflict of interest? Mr. Harper is leading a minority government which means he doesn't have free reign to do anything he wants such as Senate reform.

It's typical how those who criticize vehemently usually have no substance to their accusations.

Congratulations to David Braley on his appointment to the Senate. His business successes and his philanthropy have immensely benefited the City of Hamilton. Well done, Sir!

Wearing my non-political hat:
there has been NO stacking. It was already stacked thanks to the Liberals!
If Harper has made 33 Conservative appointments to the Senate.....and still does not have a majority there....doesn't that tell you something?
Harper did what he could to make sure that legislation that is passed by his government does not get hi-jacked by a stacked and highly partisan Liberal Senate.
The sooner this pork-barrel, useless Senate we have now is replaced some form of an elected Senate the better off we (and democracy) will all be.
Back to football. :wink:

Can't wait for the Senate to be history.

What a waste.

In the meantime, Mr. Braley is a great choice.

Agree the Senate is waist

Disagree on Braley Appointment

The Rich get Richer. do know what they make in Senate.
He already a Multimillionaire

I have to agree with Kiwicanuck. Braley is just another successful Westdale Warrior. Congrats also to Brian Goto who will enter the Burlington Sports Hall of Fame. He too is a Westdale alum. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old Westdale Warrior in section 7)

So you can't be rich to go into the Senate? what have you got against successful people?
How will he get richer in the Senate? they pay isn't that much.
He started with nothing, he was smart enough to become successful, he's given millions to charities, he gave $50 million to McMaster Uni, he SAVED THE CFL. Shame on you! why the jealousy, he's successful you aren't!

Being appointed to the Senate is the Canadian equivalent to being Knighted - in the UK they award their successfull people by calling the "Sir" and giving them a Knighthood. We can't do that, so give him a Senate post where he can do some good and have some influence on bills etc

Why does being a multimillionaire rule you out? Typical Canadian!!! In other countries millionaires are praised in Canada they are scorned by people like you.

Scrap the Senate? that's a different debate we are stuck with it and it will be many many years before it changes.

I think the USA has the best political system it's too bad we aren't a Republic too.

mikem wrote:

       "I think the USA has the best political system it's too bad we aren't a Republic too."

You have to be joking. A Republic is one thing but the USA version is far worse than what we have here.
I'll end here.
This has the potential for 200 pages.