David Braley hopes high-profile booster club can lift Argos’

David Braley believes football will matter to people in the Greater Toronto Area again.

His Toronto Argonauts have a 3-9 record and have averaged fewer than 20,000 fans a game at the Rogers Centre this season, after averaging fewer than any other team in the CFL in 2010 (22,069).

But the Argos owner is in the early stages of a business plan similar to one that helped him build up his other club, the B.C. Lions. So he’s not daunted by the task of selling football to fans in Southern Ontario, a market cluttered with sports, entertainment and the lure of nearby cottage country.

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At least he's trying something. Its not field of dreams, gotta get out there do something. Make it great for the Toronto bussiness comunity and then you have a hook.

ya he needs to do something to get the City of Toronto to give the Argos a decent shot.

Just give them a chance Toronto! it's a fun entertaining league!!

Sure, all that grassroots community work with business leaders is great, but it doesn't amount to a hill of beans without an entertaining and winning product. That's your hook. And I am going to cut Torontonians a bit of slack here. Have the Argos been either for the last 10 years? Even when they were winning (2004 Grey Cup), they weren't necessarily entertaining - getting by mostly on an air tight defense and slick special teams.

While I would prefer to see them in a smaller venue, but it's a pipe dream with Braley in charge. I want to see a couple of years with a good, exciting product on the field and a top-tier QB before passing judgement.

Not when your team sucks it's not.

that's a selfish attitude.

because a real fan should be there no matter a win or a loss!

It's funny how people say that to bash Toronto fans, then turn around and bash Toronto fans because they've been doing that exact thing with the Leafs for decades (to the detriment of the product).

Make up your mind, people. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's also a remarkably stupid point in the case of the Argos, who need to attract more fans. "Real fans" aren't the problem, except for the lack of them. You create new fans by having a good product.

Considering Braley took over the Lions who were in worse shape than the Argos in a very similar town as Toronto leads me to believe that there's hope for the argos. The double blues initiative is a great one to energize the business community and so is hosting the 100th Grey Cup. Having said that, let's not forget that the late Bob Ackles had a lot to do with the success of the Lions in the lower mainland. Hopefully Braley has a competent group working for him (Bob Nicholson is the president I believe).

I also believe that unless the argos move out of skydome the franchise will continue to flounder. Not only do the fans not like it for poor atmosphere, lack of intimacy, access, parking, etc. the argos financial take a severe hit because they dont get any revenue from parking, concessions, etc. Until that changes, it's going to be hard to make the team a financial sucess.

I agree, much like the Riders, once you put a winning product out there the fans will come. This is a long process. You guys need Pinball back as HC. GM is critical as well for signing players, as we as now finding out.

I dont get the impression pinball wants to coach anymore. you would think if he wanted to, someone woulda grabbed him for some work somewhere along the line. Wasnt he the HC last time they won a grey cup?