David Benefield

Did anyone catch David Benefield's comments before the game last nite? Jesse Lumsden is a good back but not a great back! I can't believe he said that. Yes, Jesse has been hurt but he is a great back!

I want to hear everyone's opinion!

I'd say he's a very good back with the potential to be great. To me, great backs have to play at a very high level for a few seasons, not just a few games. We tend to throw around words like "great" too easily to the point where they lose their meaning.

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Barney's right, and that was the exact point that Benefield was making.

jesse is a very very very good back and if not for his injury this year he would be leading the cfl in rushing and we would be saying he is a great back, I guess next year he will be a great back.


I think just previous to Benefield's comment
Sean said something in praise of Jess's running

and David Benefield was simply teasing Sean Millington,
when he said that the O-lineman really do all the work

of opening all the holes for Jesse to run through.

He was implying that that is also
how the holes were opened that Sean,
a former running back, ran through.

how can you call the guy great? hes been hurt every season.

I agree he is a good back but not great its not like he is missed when he is gone the back ups fill in just fine and we barely miss a beat. The only thing that is really when he is gone is his ni status.

Are you serious ? We REALLY missed Jesse in the second half !!! He would of made Williams job a whole lot easier had he played in the second half .

He would of wore down the LBS and DBS and made the whole offence much better . They would of had to respect the run and also worry about the play action . He would of also drawn attention on passing plays and made the other recievers jobs easier because they would have to worry about him catching a screen pass .

As I said above, Benefield comment WAS NOT
specifically about Jesse's abilities.

It WAS intended to be a comment
about running backs in general
and Sean Millington in particular.