David Ball's Status?

Anyone know if David Ball is still, or if he was ever really, injured? I'm getting the feeling he may be another Earnest Jackson story...all the hype in training camp and then we never see him in a game. I thought he was going to be a big surprise and end up being a great slotback. I'm waiting to see him in a game situation. Anyone that has any information on David's situation, it will be appreciated.

I haven't heard anything in great detail yet. Lets hope he isn't another Demitrius Breedlove...remember him? So much hype, jersey's flying off the shelves, now he is a ghost in the football world.

that true and one can hope this is not the case. I feel it is.

I'd like to see him fitted into the lineup for next week's game and have him, Davis and Stala all get that nice feeling of great satisfaction, at game's end, that Glenn earned last night!