David Ball stood out

Of all the receivers, David Ball stood out the most to me last night.

He seems to have a strong football instinct in running patterns, getting open, attacking the ball, and YAC.

Impressive. Hope that’s his usual game.

Ball looked good on a couple receptions but I noticed he had trouble with separation from the defenders but has nice hands James was the guy for me. Ithought Bauman was a big disapointment

Several times Bauman's slants were too horizontal. He couldn't get visual separation from the DB so the QB couldn't get it to him that way and he wasn't going forward enough for the ball to be placed over his shoulder.

I don't know if it was the routes called for him or the way that he ran them.

I sure didn't see that at all. I thought he was terrific at getting open. A few passes were underthrown and he had to slow down and battle the DB for it.

James was by far the best receiver out there last night. I would agree that Ball seems to lack the ability to separate from defenders.

From what I heard on CHML...I have to agree with CaptainKirk, about Ball.
It sure is great to see all this talent....fighting for a roster spot on the team.
I do have to also agree with Mark, about Bauman.
He is not playing to the level he should be at...for a starting receiver.
He needs to pick it up alot, and get more focused....or one of these other guys, may just bump him out of his starting spot.
If it was not for the Canadian Player ratio thing....I think it would have happened, already.
Even worse....( for him ) the trading block.

Time will tell.



I was expecting much more from David Ball and Chris Bauman. I would like to see Ball receive the pigskin from an accurate passer. Bauman needs to sit - he has shown absolutley nothing.

Time to trade BauMan to Sask for a burnt out vet, were just about over due for another bonehead trade, :oops:

If we can afford to not start a Canadian wide receiver...we should do it. Bauman has shown nothing - I think he had 4 passes towards him last game and he didn't catch any of them.. I stopped watching halfway thru the 4th quarter, but I see he did manage an 8 yard catch..

James stood out, seems like a very athletic receiver. I would keep him and McDaniel.

Receivers I would keep....


I haven't seen much from Currie.

Bauman should only be in when either the FB is in the game or when their is a two Imports in the backfield.

I like balls potential.He is new here and is a rookie .He is one of those guys who is going to get better game by game!

You almost got me with those first three words... then I finished reading the rest... LMAO :lol: :lol: :lol:

As for Ball, I think he is a receiver we can depend on when we need that clutch catch on 2nd and long or on a key drive in a close game... I agree 100%, he is one of those guys that will get better game by game..

he does have some pretty sure hands.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ikey0GSEYA&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ikey0GS ... re=related[/url]

He may be a starter for the Ticats this year, or at the very least, a clutch sub.

I agree on all counts.
But - I think we should not give up on Bauman. Some players take longer to mature. We need to look at the +ves, -ves, and weigh the differences:

Positives - Bauman has pretty good height. He may not be the tallest, but he is a good target, and can
- decent, if not really good hands.
- good if not great speed.
- very young, and has many years ahead of him. Age is on his side.
Negatives - still not certain if he 'fights' the ball enough. He needs to learn that the ball is not always
going to be on target, so he has to make the required adjustments.
- not sure if he has enough separation, or is making his cuts right. Maybe it takes time to
get the QB and receiver in sync.
- not sure if he has enough concentration. That is likely the cause for most of his dropped
James is a winner in my eyes. He needs to be kept.
Davis Ball has great hands; but I am not sure if he has the Balls to take a hit....

:thup: :thup: :thup: