David Ball Returning To Cats

8) Drew is reporting that the Cats are expected to announce the signing (or re-signing) of Imp. Receiver David Ball

  Obie says that he will be a good back up to our wideouts, along with Reggie Fish .

  The bigger question should be, will he even make it off the practice roster even once this time around ???    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

the bigger question is, will it even matter

I always wanted to see him get a chance. Hope he does.
But, this does bring up another question: Obie's words suggest both Ball and Fish will be on the PR together, so one of the 3 other Imports on the PR has to be activated or released. (Lenny Wicks, Albert Smith, Jason Holman). I'm guessing it'll be Holman activaated and Hickman to the IR. But also, putting 2 IMP WR's on the PR, combined with word that Bruce didn't practise today, raises some concern within me. I think there's more to the return of Ball than is being said.

Great move...this guy can catch the ball in traffic...very tough receiver. If he stays healthy he'll really help. He is the American version of Dave Stala. :cowboy:

Good description of Ball, buckheat. Maybe the minds have changed their thinking and the most important attribute for a receiver is now being able to catch, rather than his speed or height?

I would love to see this guy get a chance. I don't believe he has blazing speed but he sure has a great pair of hands. Let's hope he actually sees action on the field...he could be a major surprise!

Height is certainly not an issue with Ball as he is 6'1. Speed certainly isn't slow but just slower than many in pro ball. There have been many greats without much speed. ie. Dipietro, Elgard, Clermont, Flutie were/are all a bit on the slow side.

zen: I never understood why they cut him in the first place. He seemed to get good reviews at training camp.
Probably because of the ratio. But it makes me wonder where all the good judgement was back then. Just look at the shuffling that's going on now.