David Ball a Blue Bomber

David Ball signs in the 'Peg.

[url=http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/sports/article/Former-UNH-receiver-David-Ball-signs-in-Canada-515397.php]http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/sports/ ... 515397.php[/url]

Whatever ... he didn't even see the field here last season.

This is what the Bombers are stuck with in their sorry state. Guys that have been with 2 CFL teams and never came off the PR or IR. Cut by both.

That's a stupid comment. You've never seen or heard of a player who's bounced around different teams before sticking? Beswick, Van Sichem, & Matechuk are all recent cuts of the Bombers who received little to no playing time with the team but are now Ticats.

Maybe David will get lucky this time.

Luck is what occurs when preparedness meets opportunity.

Is this preparedness enough for you, zenstate?

David Ball broke the Division I-AA record for touchdown receptions,

previously set by Jerry Rice at Mississippi Valley State University,

on October 14, 2006 versus the University of Richmond,
and went on to score 7 more for a new record of 58 touchdowns.

He also approached two other I-AA receiving records set by Rice,

and has been nicknamed "White Rice":

  • Most career receiving yards: 4,693 (Rice had 4,655)
  • Most games with at least 100 receiving yards: 27 (Rice had 24)

If that is too much to process, "armchair G.M" this video, zen.


That's a shame.

I actually thought he had potential here. Too bad about the injury. Best of luck to him.

I'll bet he sits on the PR yet again if not cut

I'm guessing Beswick will be out the door with N/I DB's Ray Wladichuk, Jonthon Hood and Ryan Hinds pushing him.Matechuk has to stay because he's the only guy truly capable of LS.Van Sichem might be gone before you know it.He's a good ST guy but is that really enough to keep him around?That's what the pre-season's for, my prediction is that Matechuk will be the only one of that group to make the final roster.

All I can say that Dave sure has Ball (s) good for him.

I guess if none of our running backs went down with injuries you'd be saying the same thing about Cobb right now if he was to sign with the bombers.

Can someone please let this guy play at least ONE game.

Ball = Chang ?

Do well enough to catch eye of scouts. Fans fall in love with school stats/records they set and dazzling youtube highlights so they must be destined for pro greatness. The same fans think they get a raw deal when they cant make it at the next level and wonder why.

Sometimes the simplest explantion is the correct one. Just isnt a pro level player.

With those hands the only think I can think of. Too slow to play wide out and too nervous to play inside …

I don't know, if he was Canadian he would have had a bazillion chances to start and prove himself by now. Teams rarely sign or give import possession receivers a chance, mainly because teams reserve spots for that type of player for Canadians.

Indeed. That reminds me of Occam's razor, which says that the simplest explanation usually the best one. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam's_razor

Anyway, WPG brings in another receiver that was released by us, and previously, the Als. In fact, Chris Davis was on the Stamps PR after he was cut here. Players that get released by more than one team don't tend to do a lot in these league.

When Ball was here, I remember him being criticized for lacking speed. We'll see how long he'll last there in the 'Peg.

Chris Davis was in MTL and got cut, came to Hamilton and got cut, went to Calgary and got cut and now is in Winnipeg.

we cut Printers he went to BC and beat us in the playoffs.
people get cut all the time and sign on with another team.

Yup.You can't measure people by whether they've been cut or not.Unless you know why they got cut, for example their suckish play.But if they got cut because of money or too many good players at the position...

Just to keep things in perspective:

Most people were singing the praises of David Ball at training camp last year. When Ball got injured, it basically spelled the end of him here in Hamilton with the Emergence of McDaniel. This is exactly the kind of signing the 'peg should be making.

It will be interesting, we can watch Ball as a Peglet and The Rod in Scatch .