David Asper resigns from Bomber board

Just read an article about this and the confrontation Asper had after the Rider game with McGriggs and then with Lyle Bauer. What's up Bomber fans with this, no real details in the article. I know nothing about Asper except he is loaded to the kilt with money. Maybe a bit too much to drink at the game and he got carried away, or is it more than that?

For those interested, here's the link. . .

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2005/09/15/1218207-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 7-sun.html[/url]

From what I read, it seems as if it's gotta have more to do with having one too many wobbly pops if he's tendered his resignation, and it's been accepted already.

Also, apparently if there's a big cover-up like the article I read said, there must be something to cover up.

is e a huge loss to the team?

besides the bling bling.

Sounds like the players and coaches handled it well.

this is a big blow to the Bombers know matter what kind of spin you try to put on it....David Asper lives and dies with the Bombers.....it seems he has hit the wall and is totally frustrated with the teams efforts this year...maybe it was handled badly...but I think a lot of fans would have liked to have done what he pulled ... out of shear anger with coaching and management decisions......I would say that Global money and endorsements the Bombers receive may be in jeopardy now....and David and his brother have a lot of business connections in WPG.....this cannot be good.......anyway I hope the Bombers can clean up this mess ...failing that David should buy the team....clean house......get the new stadium built....and down the road get the Jets flying again and put them all under one umbrella.....they have the cash to do it.....but have they still got the interest... :?:

Well I also hope they will, if they can turn the Bombers around and bring them back to their glory days (and have them change back to their old 2004 uniforms :smiley: ), plus bring back the Jets and put them together with the Bombers like Calgary and get them a new stadium, then they will back Winnipeg a truly great city and they will be gods!

a part of me suspects he hopes without him, the bombers financially crash. then he can come buy them and have the control he wants. i can't decide how i feel. on one side, an owner with deep pockets is awfully nice but private ownership can be a nightmare. ie cgy in the past, ott continuously etc.

Yes, A guy with Aspers deep pockets would be tough to lose.

Papazoola makes a good point, perhaps if Asper buys the team, it would be then privately owned, clean house, and load up on free agents.

This is so funny, I wondered who the fan was behind the bomber bench heckling Daley all night long (you new it had to be someone important to be sitting in that section to begin with) and it turns out it was Asper. This man is probably the biggest bomber fan in the peg and for the last 5 years has volunteered every hour of his spare time on the board. Kudos to David for doing what every bomber fan has been dreaming about for the better part of the season. Believe me, alcohol had nothing to do with this dust up. Someone had to let the football operations side of the team know what the rest of us have been thinking, to bad he had to resign but perhaps he does have plans down the road to buy the outfit once nobody starts showing to games anymore..

Well maybe this might light Aspers fire to buy the team and fire those responsible! Taman has to go piggy!