David Allen situation

Steve Simmons once again has astounded me with his profound thoughts about the CFL. Below is from his article today concerning the David Allen situation with the Stamps:

"No matter how the story is told, the Canadian Football League somehow is made to look small and, frankly, there are already enough reasons to think of it that way."

First of all Steve, those of us who are Canadian football and CFL fans are quite happy for the fact that football in Canada and the CFL is small, we neither apologize for it nor are embarrased about this, as you seem to be.

Second of all, you failed to mention that David Allen would leave, as just about all players in the CFL would, if the NFL came with a contract where the minimum is in the $230,000 year range. Which is why the NFL has to honour the CFL contracts otherwise the CFL would just be an farm league, like the AHL is to the NHL, where the parent team can call up anyone at any time regardless of whether the team is in a championship process or not. Which is why I hope that the CFL never ever becomes a farm league to the NFL, then it will be a real joke with players called up at the last minute even the night before the Grey Cup, this could happen. Yes, the talent would go up a notch but not worth it at all IMO, it would destroy the integrity of the teams. The revolving door in the CFL would be spinning faster than it is now with players getting hurt in football as often as they do.

Should the Stamps have signed Allen allowing him the clause to leave at any time? I think so because it seemed that there was a low chance hat the Rams would offer him a contract right away. But this can be argued either way for sure. But it underscores that the CFL should never become a farm league to the NFL as I mentioned above, and if this lesson was learned from this situation, then this is a good thing for Canada's "small league".

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Simmons/2005/11/11/1302489-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Si ... 9-sun.html[/url]

"Often wrong" , SIMMONS , is an NFL MEL , who hates the CFL , and is always negitive and wrong when it comes comes to football.

Write him a letter. :wink: :smiley:

he always compares a league , supported by 330,000 million people in the U.S. to a league supported by 31 million people in CANADA.And expects it to be the same.YET , this goof works for the TORONTO SUN , which is hardly a major league , news paper.

Maybe MR. SIMMONS should be reminded of the CFL 's T.V. rating VS the NFL'S in CANADA , and the fact that the NFL's MNF has been moved to TSN/ESPN.

He never writes anything negitive about the NFL , as it has NO FAULTS and can do no wrong.STEVE , is a fraud , and a liar.

Actually, from reading some of his articles over the years, I think that apart from his opinions on things, the guy just isn't very smart, not much upstairs from what I can tell.

When he was asked about why he didn't suspect anything in the AL EAGLESON scandel and why it took a guy from BOSTON to break the story, he said " AL , helped me get a job "

To publically admit that , shows that he is a very stupid man.

the CFL is a majoe league in it's own right, it has TV contacts all over the world, when are people gonna relieze that?

CFL is small, and I like to see it get a little bigger with expansion, but I rather want it's popularity to really grow overseas with TV, radio, etc. Like the NFL is doing now with showing games in Europe and all over the world.

Boston? they don't have an NFL team

AL EAGLESON , was a hockey hero in CANADA [administrator, and made the 1972 RUSSIA/CANADA series possible] a very famous player agent, and union leader]. He was corrupt and got caught.BUT , it took a reporter from BOSTON to break the story.It is just another example of how BUSH LEAGUE the TORONTO really press is. " if you helped us , we will not suspect you or investigate you"


........just to comment on the Allen situation specifically, the Stampeders knew full well the situation when they signed Allen........According to Jim Barker, Allen's decision to leave the team at this time and rejoin the Rams was a very tough one as he had bonded very well with the other players and was looking forward to entering the playoffs.....but he is only 6 games away from earning his NFLPA pension......that is a huge thing to consider for a player in his waning years.....as tough as it was to lose him he apparently left with pats on the back and a genuine well-wishes from his teammates here......Barker further commented he would be welcomed back with open arms and burned no bridges in his decision to depart....

.......will Allen's talents be missed on the field this Sunday? Absolutely.........will it mean Edmonton will be at an advantage? hehehehe, no, sorry EEs,don't get your hopes up......

thanks for the info.....

That's a freakin' lot of people, isn't it? :smiley:

yes , it is.........The STATE of CALFORNIA , has almost 2 times the pop of CANADA , by itself.

.......um, that number, as written, represents 330 BILLION people.......I think what you meant was 330 million....

Interesting read on this from another fan forum site I thought I'd pass along:

"Sometimes I consider it an affront when Steve Simmons does a story on the CFL. He's always had his take on the league, and it's been patronizing to say the least. It's like, "when I'm bored, I look around for warts!" Simmons is like this chronically, but it's easier when no one fights back nor holds him accountable!

Now what about this story? We've been acclimated to players bolting to the NFL in given contractual situations off-season, but the David Allen situation is a new one for me in-season. What I like about it is that all parties were upfront on what they could or should expect should an NFL opportunity come along again for Allen this year. What I don't like is that there were no apparent strings attached, no visible compensation, no waiver requirements through the league, things one might normally associate with basic corporate protection.

What's to stop certain NFL teams from arranging player movements in future in this fashion? Do you not think some owners in the CFL could be convinced with enough incentive? I don't have to name certain owners whom I believe would stoop. The question is, much as Simmons has found, will the league confront its warts?"

Kanga, there is no NFL team within the city limits of Boston, but the New England Patriots, winners of three out of the last four Super Bowls, play in Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, which is 30 miles southwest of Boston. They have been in the Foxboro, Massachusetts area for the last 30 years, having moved out of Boston around 1975 or so (I’m not sure of the exact date).

Classy act by Barker to honour a handshake agreement.

After years doing sports Simmons has a dream of catching his basic need!

David Allen came in and filled in for the Stamps during injuries. Now as a fan yes it is sad to see him go but who wouldn't with an NGFL pension to be considered here. David said himself in an article in a newspaper in Calgary he hates to do it but it is required. It is a sport bottom line and the player should look after his needs. We fans can choose to be selfish for only a sport. Simmons is plain selfish. Who knows Allen just might come back. A very class individual the short time he was in red and white. The best of luck. To Simmons once an idiot always an idiot.

Nah, they are (or will be soon) Hartford's pro team.

I've been to Boston many times, and I can tell you, there don't care about the NFL unless the Pats are winning.

You're joking right? The Patriots aren't moving anywhere, they've won 3 of the last 4 superbowls, and Gillette Stadium was just built in 2002. I hate how you always claim sports teams are moving to other cities when you have no actual actual fact to back up your claims. You make it sound like its FACT rather than YOUR OPINION.

They almost did in 1998, and 30 years from now they will be facing relocation.